Zion Williamson’s Jordan Z Code Signature Shoe Is Set To Release

Zion Williamson's first signature shoe is set to release this year.

As most of us know by now, NBA phenom, Zion Williamson is set to get his first signature shoe with Jordan Brand this year—and it’s called the Jordan Z Code.

While Zion is one of the most highly marketable athletes in the league due to his freakishly insane athletic ability for weighing a substantial 285 pounds at a 6’6″ height, he has yet to play a full season and truly prove he is indeed deserving of a signature shoe. However, he is incredibly marketable and desired to watch in game, so it’s essentially a no-brainer on Nike’s end to give him his own signature shoe. Regardless, hopefully more deserving young athletes like Devin Booker, Jayson Tatum, Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, etc, can receive their own signature shoes in the future.

To check out all the release details surrounding Zion’s Jordan Z Code, click here. However, if you want to see what we mocked-up of the Z Code, keep on scrolling.

Jordan Z Code concept designed by The Sneaker Brief. NOTE: This is not the official Jordan Z Code signature shoe of Zion Williamson, nor is it an accurate representation of the shoe to be released—it is simply a concept of what we want Zion’s signature shoe to look like.

Let us know what you think of our Jordan Z Code concept in the comments below. This is simply a design we would like to see the shoe look like. Unfortunately, the Air Jordan 35 isn’t built to support a player like Zion, which has led to the shoe near-failing to support him. This is why we designed these to include a beefed-up upper, including a midfoot velcro strap, flywire cabled laces, and a midsole that wraps up over the footbed.

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