Will Joel Embiid Join Under Armour?

Joel Embiid has been spotted wearing the Under Armour HOVR Havoc Mid. Will he sign with the Baltimore sneaker brand?

Among the other NBA marquee sneaker free agents, Joel Embiid is one of the NBA athletes currently on an expiring sneaker endorsement deal, being with adidas Hoops. Along with Kawhi Leonard, Gordon Hayward, Andrew Wiggins, DeMarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas, and Kelly Oubre Jr, Embiid will have a tough decision to make when comes September 30th, when his sneaker deal is expected to to expire.

Embiid, who has been signed with adidas for four years now, will finally have the opportunity to sign with another sneaker brand, and potentially get his own signature shoe. When with adidas, for the short amount of time he was on the court in 2016-17 and most of 2017-18, he rocked the adidas Mad Bounce, which yes, is a budget model.

At today’s Philadelphia 76ers Media Day, Joel Embiid has been spotted wearing the Under Armour HOVR Havoc Mid, an isolated basketball shoe much people have not talked about. Although Embiid himself hasn’t officially inked a deal with Under Armour quite yet, it is seeming it is a possibility he could be after his current deal with adidas expires on September 30th. Considering Under Armour’s recent reputation in the performance basketball footwear industry, it might not be the best move. Despite the fact, Embiid would most likely receive his own signature shoe from the brand.

Ever since the summer of 2016, with the release of the Under Armour Curry 3, UA has fully drifted away from the performance footwear game. Not only does their stock resemble this, but they have another round of layoffs about to happen. According to the Business Insider, “The sporting-apparel maker announced Thursday that it will cut its global workforce by 3%, or about 400 jobs, as part of its 2018 restructuring plan. It’s the second round of layoffs in the past year for the struggling athletic brand, which cut about 140 jobs at its Baltimore headquarters last August.” 

Not looking good for Under Armour; hopefully they can figure out their mistakes/mishaps and come out with something good in the new year. That’s it for now, check out The Sneaker Bulletin for more up and coming news and let us know where you think Embiid should sign down below!

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Joel Embiid: adidas Mad Bounce
Adidas Mad Bounce, worn by Joel Embiid. Via: Getty Images. 


All images via: Getty Images.


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