What’s Inside the Nike Kyrie 5?

What's inside of the Nike Kyrie 5?



The good folks over at Fast Pass are back at it again to show us the insides of our favorite performers. Nick has covered the Way of Wade 7 and the Air Jordan 33, both are fairly new models, so it’s exciting to see what literally goes into these models. The Nike Kyrie 5 has finally been deconstructed and we now get to take a look inside and see the guts of Kyrie’s latest signature model.

The Kyrie 5 has been out for some time now and is the first in the Kyrie line and the first Nike shoe to feature the new Zoom Turbo unit, which has cut out grooves that provide better response. Tech like this gets a lot of hype, so getting to see it fully exposed is a treat for us sneaker heads. So the big question is… What’s Inside the Nike Kyrie 5?





To start things off, we have the longitudinal cut that gives us a general overview of the inside before diving into more specific areas and cutting it down further.











Moving on, we have a closer look at the flytrap strap which has been debuted on the Kyrie 5. You can see the Flywire cables that are attacked to the strap which is meant to provide superior lockdown. The Flywire cables themselves seem to attach at the tip of the strap.












Finally, we’ve arrived at the Zoom Turbo unit, another tech that was debuted on the Kyrie 5. The height of this new unit is 111.74 mm and the width is 84.82 mm, showing that this new unit provides coverage for most of your forefoot area. Besides the height and width, the thickness of the Zoom unit is what people care about more. The Zoom Turbo unit is 8.20 mm thick, which is basically the size of standard zoom units. For most people, seeing the thickness and other specs of the cushioning setups is there favorite part of these deconstructions.
















All of you have been loving these shoe dissection articles, so we got you all covered with more to come! Major thank you to the folks over at Fast Pass for cutting up these precious kicks so we can all take a look inside, y’all are the real MVP.

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