Whats’s Inside the Air Jordan 33?

For fans of the Air Jordan 33, the sneakers got deconstructed, and we're here to report it.


Official tech specifications of the Air Jordan 33 has already been known, but what the insides of the sneakers looked like had been unknown. Reigning in with innovative and unseen technology, the Air Jordan 33 brought not only high-end performance for the conclusion of 2018, but brought in technology we’ve never seen featured in performance basketball shoes.

 The full deconstruction reveals the measurements of the Nike Zoom Air cushioning featured in the heel and forefoot, mesh upper, overlay panneling, compression-molded phylon, FastFit technology, and much more. For the full in-depth review and analysis of the Air Jordan 33 deconstructed, head over to FastPass for the extensive dissection.





The image that gives everyone feelings of viewing pleasure. The cross-section cut. This image showcases the the shoe simply cut in half, and you can view everything deconstructed, the build, and how everything functions in the sneaker.




The good folks over at FastPass gives us the most detailed and exclusive look at dissected, deconstructed, and torn apart sneakers. As you can see, the Air Jordan 33 features two Zoom Air bags in the heel and forefoot of the sneakers. If you don’t know what Nike Zoom is, you’re missing out. It’s a compact plastic bag filled with fibers and air, to give you the spring and bounce back athletes need in their step when playing the game of basketball.




The Air Jordan 33 featured the newest and innovative lacing technology from Jordan Brand; FastFit. The overall implementation of it could still use some work, because the shoes look to fit wide, and will definitely not accomodate to everyone’s foot shape. The image showcases the technology being used in place; parachute cables dynamically placed across your midfoot, nylon cables for additional overlays, and panelling of mesh, and neoprene.

Although these sneakers don’t use a traditional lacing system, what Jordan Brand did was still innovative nonetheless, and worked for most people wearing the kicks. Durability of the parachute cables could be a long-term factor to rip, but that’s something we’ll have to see about from more long-term use.









FastFit is not just the parachute cables doing all the work. This image below shows the whole meat and guts of the technology. What was not seen from other images was that the tightening FastFit system activates its parachute cables with a single tug of the forefoot strap, creating a full 360-lockdown. The more you pull the strap, the more clicks and tinkering of the bottom circular plate will happen.




































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