What Happened to the Nike Vomero Running Line?

What to expect with the Nike Vomero running line in the future.

The big question that many Nike running fans are wondering, “what happened to the Vomero running line?”. Well, look no further, because the line is expected to return with the release of the Vomero 16 sometime this Spring or Summer.

According to Twitter user @tracksneakleaks, the Vomero 15 is a limited release which only made it to certain regions for sale, with the United States not being one of them. Information on how and why this happened is unknown, but we do know is that the Nike Vomero 16 has surfaced, and it’s very similar to its “predecessor”. However, the Vomero 16 features a more padded tongue, different mesh upper, and a midfoot locking down system. The Vomero 15 featured flycables for the eyelets.

The Vomero 15 does not feature React foam, and instead opts to feature an SR-02 foam carrier midsole which encases ZoomX, as well as a large volume, segmented Zoom Air bag at the forefoot. Assuming the tooling remains the same from the 15, the Vomero 16 will likely feature the same set-up. Let us know what you think of the upcoming Vomero 16, assuming Nike doesn’t change their plans, again. Stay tuned for further updates.

Displayed above is a deconstructed look at the Vomero 15’s technology.

Nike Vomero 16 displayed above.

Nike Vomero 15 displayed above.

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