Under Armour Curry 3 Performance Review

Just going to start this article by saying these were surprisingly a super pleasurable experience, I did not know what to expect with the first Under Armor shoe I have tested. With that said, they definitely ain’t perfect, so lets get into it.



This has got to be one of my favorite aspects of the Curry 3, the tried and true herringbone came through as expected. Additionally, that pivot point really does work well with the rest of the outsole. The traction is amazing because of the different features working in tandem. Traction was well executed here: pivot point and herringbone are two killers that work well with each other! The only real problem is dust, I found myself wiping a lot more than usual with these. But after every wipe, I was getting consistent traction that, for the most part, helped me stop on a dime. The bite was really aggressive with these, a feature that is a must have for me with traction. Traction for me is going to be a 8.5/10, the stops I got with these were just really good, but I had to make sure I kept up with wiping.


DC560D57-217F-4670-A14D-CA29E3B597F2Another really great feature of the Under Armor Curry 3, the knit-like threadborne was a pleasure for me to play in. The threadborne is soft enough to feel like a knit, but also has a good structure to it, this feels like a good balance between having a really soft upper and something that is really thick and supportive.


Furthermore, the heat welded TPU on the upper really held up and did it’s job well. The anafoam on the side was a nice touch also, the breathability that the Anafoam provides really helps with the lack of airflow caused by the threadborne. Materials on this shoe are a 10/10, they used materials that just work well with each other, can’t say much else.



The Charged cushion was fun for me to play in, FOR A WHILE. I knew exactly what I was getting with Charged foam, a firm and responsive ride that does not emphasize impact protection. Playing around with this shoe, I felt really quick and light on my foot, the cushioning really does have good responsiveness, unfortunately the fun I can have with these can’t be too much. I have had surgery on my left knee and man was my knee screaming after putting in hours. Cushioning for me will be 6/10, the responsive ride felt really good to play in, but the lack of impact protection will give those with with injuries some trouble, playing with these for a long time isn’t something I would advise anyone with injuries or someone recovering from injuries to do.




The Curry 3 does an amazing job to make sure that your foot is secure and locked down into the shoe. The overall fit was good, I received my pair half a size down and I found them to fit my foot really well. Wide footers might want go true to size or go half a size up, fit is a little tricky with these, I did not expect them to fit my foot well being as they’re half a size smaller than what I usually get. The overall fit was pleasant, there was no dead room in the toe, the upper created a very good one-to-one fit, 9/10 for the amazing fit.

The support on this shoe was another feature that I really liked, my foot felt supported by the external heel cup that wraps around the heel. Additionally, an outrigger on the lateral side made sure that I was being supported while doing sharp cuts and other movements that require good support and stability. The fit and support system work amazing together, support gets a 9/10 from me.



The Curry 3 is a great shoe for anyone who is looking for something that has a good fit, responsive cushioning, and good traction. I would like to see Under Armor attempt to add good impact protection to the Curry line. Even though these shoes were fun to play in, I found my knees hurting after every session in these. This shoe is great for a light guard who needs to be quick on their feet, people who need impact protection, look else where. The Curry 3 was a fun shoe to play in for sure, but the lack of impact protection is the only thing holding them back from being a viable option for more people and multiple positions.

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