A Closer Look at the adidas D Rose 1.5 ‘Retro’

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D Rose without doubt has been having a spectacular season, especially considering all the down in his journey to get to this point. Many of us are even voting him as an All-Star this season, which makes me hyped since I’ve always loved watching Rose play. He was spotted wearing his upcoming D Rose 10 against the Orlando Magic; the Rose 10 will be his last signature before adidas starts to retro his older models. The first of these models to be getting the retro treatment is the D Rose 1.5, which we’ve seen before in the Black and Red colorway depicted.

However, we haven’t seen this new vibrant Orange and Grey colorway. Now according to the source these two colorways are replicas, if this is true we still should expect the retail version to look very similar. We’ve written up on replicas before and the actual product has turned out to be very similar. We don’t have official word on the tech specs, but we do know that these are rumored to release some time in March. You guys hyped they retroing Rose’s line? I know I for sure am, can’t wait to get some old Rose models!





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