adidas T-Mac Millennium ‘2004 All Star Game’ Edition

Tracy McGrady's new adidas T-Mac Millenium will be releasing in an upcoming colorway, paying homage to his historical 2004 All Star Game.


The real ‘off the backboard dunk’ by Tracy McGrady was done in 2001 in Philly. The one done in 2004 was cool, but the surprise factor wasn’t there. What was memorable about that 2004 All Star Game, besides another off the backboard dunk, was McGrady’s mismatched Adidas T-Mac 3s. This colorway of the new T-Mac Millennium pays tribute to that All Star Game.

The T-Mac Millennium is essentially a revamped version of Tracy McGrady’s first few signature models with Adidas. The upper is made out synthetic materials with TPU overlays. This 2004 ASG colorway sports a beautiful blue reminiscent to T-Mac’s All Star jersey and (right) shoe that game. It also has a lateral support piece that should add more support and containment during cuts and lateral movements. The Millennium retains the modified shell toe found on the original T-Mac 1 and 2.

The midsole has been upgraded to a glorious full length Boost platform, and the outsole has a multi directional herringbone pattern. This 2004 ASG colorway has a translucent outsole that reveals the word ‘EAST’ which is in reference to the Eastern Conference jersey that T-Mac wore during that All Star Game.

If these feel and play anything like the original T-Mac’s, they are going to be a problem. Taking the original Adidas T-Mac and adding Boost to it is almost overkill. The originals were already performance beasts! A release date is inevitable for these guys, but nothing official has come out quite yet. Stay in the loop, and we’ll keep you all updated.




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