This is What the Nike LeBron 15 Could Have Been

The Nike LeBron 15 is debatably one of the best performance models currently in the line, and here's a glimpse of what they could have been.

The Nike LeBron 15 is arguably one of the greatest LeBron models performance wise, of all time. Stepping into the design of the 15, they introduced full-length, exposed Nike Zoom Air, and a newly innovated Flyknit upper named ‘Battleknit’ catered just towards LeBron James.

The Nike LeBron 16 introduced a more refined 15, introducing ‘Battleknit 2.0’, engineered for the ultimate support that the King needs, as well as trying to cater to the consumer’s needs. Nike has established these two latest LeBron models to cater more towards the consumer and LeBron, giving us something that’s worth the money. Although no shoe is truly worth $185, Nike is still giving us all they got for right now. Lets show you an exclusive look at What the Nike LeBron 15 Could Have Been.

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Nike uses the same mid-sole sculpt and Hex Zoom Air Units as the LeBron 14, but attaches it to the LeBron 15 upper to test a new upper, on an already proven performance mid-sole base.


Pictured below shows the Nike LeBron 14 outsole, using three forefoot hexagonal zoom air bags, while the heel is a full-volume bag.


Nike shows us a glimpse of the Nike LeBron 14 cushion, but fully un-caged in comparison to the real 14s. Showcasing their innovative Zoom Air fibers the Swoosh brand makes the Zoom more exposed to test how supportive it will be for the King on the hardwood.


Nike shows us a glimpse of different Battleknit and de-coupled Zoom Air builds for the 15. This is the ultimate timeline of how the 15s came to be.


All images via: Nike/Hupu.


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