The Zoom LeBron Witness 3 is The Newest LeBron James Budget Model

The newest LeBron James budget sneaker has finally surfaced in official images with vast improvements from its predecessor.

Just last week, One on One Testers gave everyone a quick look at what was speculated to be the newest Ambassador shoe, an overseas exclusive LeBron James budget model. What is now confirmed to be the newest LeBron Witness 3, has surfaced in official images. The newest budget model for Nike has finally surfaced, and these look like they could be phenomenal on the court, lets get into it.

The Nike LeBron Witness 3 looks like a totally new silhouette in comparison to the first two models in the line. Tech spec wise, we don’t have a lot of official information. Although, from our speculation, it seems as if we have a pretty agressive herring-bone outsole, with a protruding full-length Zoom Air unit, just from the looks of it. What this really reminds me of is the protruding air bag that was in the Jordan 31. Will we finally get some cushion out of a LeBron James budget sneaker? Moving onto the midsole, it’s most likely going to a Phylon foam carrier, that looks to sit pretty thin, so it will hopefully offer a good amount of court feel. Upper wise, it looks like exactly what is used on the LeBron Soldier 12. Not quite battle-knit, but super close to it. It’s probably going to be a take-down version of it if anything. That just about wraps it up tech spec wise. There’s a good amount of things going on, and it seems like Nike Basketball & LeBron James are really pushing the envelope here.

Well, that just about takes care of it. The newest Nike LeBron Witness 3 looks to be a major improvement in the LeBron James budget line. Full-length zoom? Take my money. We currently have no release information for these quite yet, but they should definitely release in the states, considering the past two models in the line have. That’s it for now, stay tuned to One on One Testers & The Sneaker Bulletin for more of the daily sneaker news.

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