The Under Armour Spawn 2 Is Officially Unveiled

The Under Spawn 2 is officially unveiled.

Speed and agility are the difference-makers that separate those that make things happen on the court, versus those that watch them. Dennis Smith Jr. knows this to be true as the elusive point guard punishes his opponents from the paint and beyond the three-point line with evasive and tactical movements. Players today are seeking the support they need to make these sharp pivots and redirections, coupled with the natural flex and response to deliver game-winning daggers. The doers and bucket getters are covering the court, draining shots and forcing turnovers. How? The UA Anatomix Spawn 2. 

Six years after its initial introduction, Under Armour’s design team has created the next generation of the UA Anatomix Spawn shoe. Driving a ball-handler’s game forward without sacrificing support, comfort or traction, the UA Anatomix Spawn 2 is the assist to lock down your feet without hindering their natural movement, shaving milliseconds off every shift and change in direction. Instead of losing precious time on a pivot, the Spawn 2 will put you in the right place at the right time to make the big play.

Movement Matched with Stability

Last season, Under Armour brought back the UA Anatomix Spawn. Using performance technology and insights from studying the anatomy of the athlete’s foot, the design team built a shoe upper that works with, not against, the natural structure and movement of the foot. The UA Anatomix Spawn 2 takes it to the next level with a laser focus on locking your foot in place to avoid slippage, without feeling unnatural or restrictive. With a lateral TPU plate, the UA Anatomix Spawn 2 provides added stability and comfort for your foot to move as nature intended, giving you more confidence and precision in every step. 

Speed By Way of Response

The UA Anatomix Spawn 2 features a full length Micro G™ midsole to provide unrivaled comfort, matched with an anatomical outsole pattern for superior traction and flexibility on the toughest of courts. Through coefficient friction by way of the rounded outsole design and the harnessing of light, yet responsive Micro G cushioning in the midsole, the footwear houses more strength, traction and flexibility than ever before. Ballers can play fast and flexible without risking support, so they can move the way they need to secure a check in the win column.

Product DNA Overview

  • Targeted Support: Anatomix upper eliminates slippage for more precise movements.
  • Natural Flex: Built around the anatomy of the foot so the shoe moves with your foot, not against it.
  • Faster Response: Micro G™ cushioning is light and incredibly responsive for quicker moves.
  • Weight: 12.5 oz.

The UA Anatomix Spawn 2 releases for $100 USD on Wednesday, January 1st, 2020 at, UA Brand Houses, and select retailers. 

All information derived from the Under Armour Newsroom archive.

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