The Sneaker Brief Discord Group

At the beginning of January 2020, the team at The Sneaker Brief made a pledge that we would change the “performance review” game. Now, it’s at the end of the first month of 2020, and the way you watch performance reviews is about to change. Now is YOUR chance to help us craft the new performance reviews online, and share YOUR thoughts, and give a general CONSENSUS of how shoes really perform.

A “performance review” is such a subjective topic, especially for footwear. Generally, a person wear tests a sneaker (for an undisclosed amount of time), and shares their thoughts on the overall performance of the sneaker on feet, from just their ONE perspective. The team at The Sneaker Brief will CHANGE the performance review game as we are now going to be introducing our collaborative performance reviews, where fans, supporters, and sneakerheads of the site can share their opinions and thoughts on each performance aspect of a sneaker, to help bring a general consensus of a shoe that is being reviewed. You may wonder, “Isn’t that what the comment section of a post is for?” Well, theoretically, yes, it is. However, we want our audience to have the FULL opportunity to share their thoughts on the latest shoe releases and their performance after wearing them, so we will let viewers share their thoughts in our performance reviews, instead of the usual “comment section” thoughts from fans.

This will occur via our new, FREE Discord Group server. Fans, supporters, whatever you’d like to call yourself, can join the server, and go to the “Performance Reviews” text channel, and help us craft our performance reviews on sneakers, to truly make it all OUR performance reviews. Opinions and thoughts from a sneaker’s performance (traction, cushion, upper, support, lockdown, stability, etc.) will all be taken into account from fans who participate and chat with us via our Discord Group server, and their thoughts will be mentioned in our performance review, to truly create that general consensus of how a shoe TRULY performs. The biggest benefit of this is that fans from all around the world, with different types of feet and needs in footwear, as well as different court conditions, will be able to contribute to OUR reviews.

The game is officially changing, and we want YOUR help. Join us now, and let your opinion be heard. CLICK HERE to join now for free. Performance reviews on the Nike Kyrie 6 and PG 4 will be arriving soon, entirely curated by the The Sneaker Brief team and the Discord Group server members.