The PEAK TP9.VI for Tony Parker Has Surfaced

One on One Testers gives everyone a First Look at Tony Parker's newest signature shoe, the upcoming PEAK TP9.VI.

Tony Parker is a San Antonio Spurs legend, a six-time NBA All Star, four-time NBA Champion, four-time All-NBA award winner, and the NBA Finals 2007 MVP. The dude’s definitely done a ton in the league for the seventeen years in his league, and his shoes should resemble what he’s done with San Antonio, and in the NBA itself. Now, he plays for the Charlotte Hornets, which is really weird, but his new PEAK TP9.VI have surfaced, and they look pretty damn good!

The upcoming PEAK TP9.VI has surfaced, and it looks surprisingly nice. What people don’t know is that overseas brands such as Anta, Li-Ning, and even Peak can bring us good looking and good performing kicks, just like Nike and adidas. Some people will have mixed opinions on how other brands aesthetics look if it’s not Nike, but you can’t talk down on how the shoe performs unless you’ve worn ’em before. The TP9.VI not only looks super dope, but could be a sleeper performer as well.

Tech wise, the PEAK TP9.VI is said to feature new ‘P-BOOM’ ejection technology for the cushioning of the sneaker. I’ve personally never heard of this technology, it’s probably a new foam cushioning system Peak is offering to its consumers. But if it achieves full coverage from the heel to forefoot, then it sounds good! They also feature a ‘dual gradient’ midsole/outsole, which looks very similar to a foot-mapped outsole, which essentially means it sticks to whatever surface you’re on with added pressure. Additionally, this could also be in tangent with the new P-BOOM cushioning setup. Material wise, a full leather toe is evident, as well as a woven ranging from the heel to mid-foot.

Well, that’s about it for now. The PEAK TP9.VI has supposedly already released at PEAK Flagship stores overseas for 599 yuan. That translates to roughly $99 USD. The PEAK TP9.VI is speculated to release July 28th, but we’ll keep you covered as the date comes along with any other updates/information. Stay tuned to One on One Testers for all your sneaker news, reviews, and more.

All images via: sneakerhighway23.

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