The PEAK DH4 is Dwight Howard’s Newest Basketball Silhouette

Dwight Howard's fourth signature basketball silhouette with Chinese Sportswear Brand, PEAK, has finally surfaced, and it has some great features.


Dwight Howard, The Daily Double Double, 8x NBA All-Star, 3x Defensive Player of the Year, 5x Rebounding Champ, 2x Blocks Champ, 8x All-NBA Team Selections. A living NBA legend, and one of the greatest NBA Centers of all time to step onto the court. Yet, he still receives so much hate for some of his on-court play. Whether or not you want to accept the fact, Dwight Howard is a future Hall of Famer, and is now on his fourth signature sneaker with Chinese Sportswear Brand, PEAK.

The Peak DH3 was actually a pretty dope shoe. For what PEAK has to offer, they really pushed the envelope with the third shoe in the Dwight Howard signature line. The Peak DH4 looks to sport a totally new silhouette, in comparison to its predecessor. The DH3 used a whole entire knit-sock as the upper, while the DH4 has an upper comprised of a knit at the forefoot, and most of the mid-foot, while some of the mid-foot and all of the back of the kicks is a synthetic skin. The PEAK DH4 is also a one-piece upper, so these might feel like even more of a sock then the DH3 did.

Tech specification wise, we don’t know much officially quite yet. The PEAK DH3 used P-Motive foam, and what Peak has dubbed their carbon-fiber tenacity unit, for arch-support and stability. Since Dwight is such a big guy, he’s obviously going to need the support and stability in his signature kicks. If the DH3 used all of that tech, we should most definitely expect the DH4 to use it too. Outsole wise, doesn’t look anything special. It’s a pretty simple circular pattern that should get the job done.

That just about takes care of it for the upcoming PEAK DH4. The PEAK DH3 retailed at $115, and wasn’t ‘officially’ available overseas. Although, you can still grab them at trustworthy overseas retailers like Famuji Sneakers & Hi Basketball Shoes. PEAK is looking to push the envelope once again and give us a dope bang for your buck performer. That’s it for now. No release information is available just yet for these guys, but stick to One on One Testers & The Sneaker Bulletin as more information comes along.

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