Kyrie Irving and Australian Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios Collaborate on the Nike Zoom Vapor X “Kyrie 5”

Kyrie Irving has teamed up with Australian Tennis star, Nick Kyrgios to bring us something special.



Kyrie Irving and Australian Tennis star Nick Kyrgios are teaming up to bring us something super special. The Kyrie 5 is getting a make over and this shoe isn’t meant for hooping. The Vapor X Kyrie 5 is bridging two sports; Basketball and Tennis to bring us a dope collaboration we’ve never seen before.

These kicks are releasing just in time for the Australian open and will retail for $160. If you look back at this season’s Media Day, these seem to be the kicks that Kyrie is rocking and not the standard Kyrie 5 he’s been hooping in this season. The upper is the same old Kyrie 5 upper that we’ve seen plenty of times by now, but it’s the sole that is the new and intriguing part of this collaborative effort. There is a cage coming up from the mid-sole onto the upper and should provide some good containment alongside looking pretty slick.

The outsole uses a multi-directional tread pattern and looks to be using two different types of rubber; the orange covers most of the bottom, while the translucent rubber is featured in the mid-foot and seems to be coming up to the medial side. This outsole design also uses the Nike Swoosh logo where the Orange rubber is and then a Kyrie logo in the center of the translucent rubber. The design of this shoe did a perfect job of combining two different worlds together to serve the common purpose of providing a dope sneaker that has many hyped!

They are definitely going with Zoom as you can see the ‘Zoom’ text on the heel of the midsole. Don’t think they’re going to go with the Zoom Turbo, but if they do this will be one heck of a sneaker. Stay tuned for further details as soon as we get them. In the meantime, would you guys cop these? $30 price increase from the regular Nike Kyrie 5.

Share your thoughts with us down below on the newest Kyrie Irving collaborative kicks, and be sure to stay tuned to the site as more Nike Kyrie 5 colorways release this year. Grab a First Look down below, and thanks for tuning in.




Nike Zoom Vapor X ‘Kyrie 5’

MSRP: $160.00

Release Date: Monday, January 14th 2019













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