The Nike PG 4 Gets Deconstructed

Original Posting (01/04/2020): Ahead of its stateside release in just a few weeks, Paul George’s fourth signature shoe, the Nike PG 4, has been deconstructed.

Displayed below, is the Nike PG 4’s tooling. For those that do not know what a “tooling” is in shoe terminology, we’ll explain it. A shoe’s “tooling” is essentially the shoe’s sole, which is made up of its cushioning “the midsole”, and its traction “the outsole”. While we currently only have photos of the shoe’s tooling deconstructed, we still have a better glimpse at the actual technology behind the upcoming Nike PG 4.

The Nike PG 4 will arrive equipped with full length Air Strobela first for any Nike Basketball shoe. While we’ve seen Air bags in drop-in midsoles in previous Jordan Brands shoes, an actual Air strobel board is a first for any Nike Basketball shoe, ever. Very similar to the Nike KD 12 and Zoom UNVRS‘ Zoom Air strobelthe only difference between the PG 4 and those shoes is that the PG 4 features Air, and not Zoom fibers. Instead of the shoe featuring a general woven strobel board so that the upper of the shoe can be stitched upon the midsolean Air strobel board is instead featured for maximum cushioning.

Let us know what you think of the Nike PG 4 debuting Air Strobel in the comments below. Keep it locked here as we update this article with more photos of the Nike PG 4’s deconstruction.

UPDATE (04/27/2020): The deconstruction team at Fast Pass has revealed photos of the Nike PG 4 deconstructed in full. Read below for more information.

Displayed above is the cross section cut of the Nike PG 4, showcasing the shoe’s technology in its entirety.
Shown is the upper of the PG 4 dismantled, showcasing its multiple layers. The top layer is a thin textile mesh that overlays a neoprene/nylon one-piece bootie construction. Also displayed are the shoe’s webbed lacing system, featuring cabled eyelets that connect to synthetic stitched panels on the upper.
Displayed above are more photos showing the cross section cut of the PG 4. The midsole is comprised of Nike’s proprietary EVA phylon foam, with an Air Strobel bag which acts as the shoe’s strobel board. Also seen is a cored out section of foam at the heel of the shoe to better allow the Air Strobel bag compress and have more feedback underfoot for the wearer.
Also displayed above is the shoe’s tooling completely deconstructed. For those wondering exactly what a shoe’s “tooling” is, it is essentially the bottom of the shoe, made up of the midsole and outsole. The PG 4’s tooling consists of a thick Ortholite insole, the Air Strobel bag, the Phylon foam midsole, a midfoot TPU plate for stability, and the shoe’s outsole.
Measurements of the Air Strobel bag are: 86.45 mm in width, 8.04 mm thick at the heel, and 7.95 mm at the forefoot (making Air Strobel’s offset .09 mm).
Tooling measurements: 24.96 mm thick at the heel, 17.96 mm thick at the forefoot (making the entire tooling’s offset 7 mm).
TPU midfoot plate measurements: 67.71 mm in length, 30.04 mm wide, and 2.78 mm thick.

Original Posting Photos (01/04/2020):

h/t: iamBB_SHOES.
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