The Upcoming Nike Kyrie 5 and Jordan 33

One on One Testers brings you info regarding the upcoming Nike Kyrie 5 and Jordan 33.

What’s up One on One nation, Noor back at it again, this time One on One Testers is hyped to bring you news about the Kyrie 5 and Jordan 33. Apparently there will be a price increase from $120 to $130 for the Kyrie 5. This $10 price increase really shouldn’t bother a lot of people, on the plus side it seems we are going to be getting better tech with the Kyrie 5. This initial information is courtesy of a user on the Nike Talk forum who also goes on to list some of the color ways of the Nike Kyrie 5. As for the Jordan 33, we can expect a release date of October 2018, with retail price set at $175. Excited to see how the 33 turns out, Jordan Brand killed it with the 32. That’s all for now One on One nation, stay tuned as we get more details for these upcoming sneakers.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 2.10.12 PM
h/t: Nike Talk
h/t: Street8oy

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