The Nike KD 13 Gets Deconstructed

Kevin Durant's thirteenth signature shoe has been deconstructed.

Kevin Durant’s thirteenth signature shoe, the Nike KD 13, has been deconstructed by the team at Fast Pass.

Displayed above is a simple look at the upper of the shoe deconstructed. The underlaying material is likely comprised of a nylon/neoprene to maintain the structure and support the upper of the shoe requires. The overlaying is a simple textile, likely made up of a canvas material. Unfortunately, Nike has not disclosed the “technical” terms of the materials used on the shoe.
The photos above show the cross section cut of the shoe (the shoe cut down the middle). Also shown are gaps/holes in certain sections of the midsole to reduce weight within the shoe, as well as to let the Zoom Air bags compress more, giving a more “bouncy” sensation or feedback on foot.
The set of photos displayed above showcase the Nike Zoom Strobel bag torn apart from the midsole. Measurements of the strobel bag include: 86.17 mm in width and 7.8 mm thick.
In addition to the strobel bag, there is an additional regular double stacked Zoom Air bag directly beneath the strobel. The forefoot Zoom Air bag measurements come in at: 54.27 mm in width, 82.16 mm in length, and 7.3 mm thick.
The two bags together come in at 14.83 mm thick. Whereas the entire forefoot of the midsole measure at 16.25 mm thick, meaning that the the majority of the forefoot is made up mostly of the Zoom Air, and not the phylon foam. The heel of the midsole is 24.59 mm thick.
Displayed above is each component of the tooling separated; the midsole, outsole, TPU midfoot plate, and the forefoot Zoom Air bag. The KD 12 did not feature a TPU midfoot plate, which provides torsional support and rigidity to the shoe to help keep its structure. Nevertheless, the 12 was heavily caged laterally, which made the midsole quite beefy, which helped keep the structure of the shoe intact. However, the KD 13’s midsole is mostly exposed, with caging mainly at the heel, so a TPU midfoot plate was more of a necessity in this shoe than it was in the 12.

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