The Nike Hyperdunk Will Be Re-Branded to the Alpha Dunk

The Hyperdunk line is due for a brief re-brand.


Rumors have been circling around the web on regards to Nike’s top-tier signature team basketball sneaker; the Hyperdunk. The line is now on its tenth silhouette, so things seem to be changing. As the rumor is yet to be publicly approved by Nike Basketball as of yet, leaks and high speculation have almost certainly confirmed this.

According to trusted Japanese leaker, US11, the Nike Hyperdunk line will not only be rebranded to the Nike Alpha Dunk, but they will also offer next generation Zoom Air, and knitted uppers.

Coincidentally, Nike Basketball is set to introduce Air Knit in the AlphaDunk, just as they introduced Battle Knit in the LeBron 16. Stated to be a lighter-weight knitted upper, similar to flyknit, but more breathable, and light-weight. US11 states heel and forefoot zoom air appears to be the cushioning set-up, which will likely be encased in a phylon midsole.

This is all big news as the Nike Hyperdunk line has been around for over a decade, and a brief re-brand of the signature line appears to be a positive for Nike’s end of the bargain. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, so be sure to check back as official details come underway regarding this leak. Is the re-brand a good idea on Nike’s end? Is more innovation going to come with the Nike Alpha Dunk? Sound off in the comments below.









h/t: US11.


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