The Nike Alphadunk Gets Deconstructed

The Nike Alphadunk gets put on the chopping block and is deconstructed.



After making its official retail debut just weeks ago, the Nike Alphadunk is now getting deconstructed by the good folks over at Fast Pass.

Replacing the Hyperdunk line, the Alphadunk is essentially the signature of Nike Basketball, and the face of the Swoosh’s entire basketball line-up, featuring their newest and latest technology, and retailing for $180.

Beginning with the cross section cut, this fantastic chop of the Alphadunk gives us a great look at the technology being used in the shoes. What we initially didn’t know was that their was actually a shank plate for torsional support, as well as multiple underlays to the new Flyknit technology. We can see that the midsole does wrap up over the upper quite a bit to offer more support laterally, thus the shoes don’t sit as high off the ground as we thought initially.




Now that the Flyknit upper has been torn apart, we can see that there is quite a beefy underlay to what was originally going to be called Air Knit in original leaked images. The images shown below give us a detailed visual of the multi-layered upper. Ribbed flyknit is the first layer (the layer we see on foot), then there appears to be two underlays, a thin canvas being stitched to a skin mesh.

We can also see that Nike has proved to offer more gimmicks within their basketball line, showing that the Alphadunk’s flywire, which acts as eyelets in this shoe, are stitched down about a half an inch down. That’s a total gimmick because the flywire goes all the way to the bottom of the upper, but is stitched down less than a quarter of the way through, providing less support than the actual Flywire could have offered if not stitched down. Great job, Nike.




Completing this deconstruction is the midsole tooling. A full-length phylon midsole acts as the carrier to the large forefoot Zoom Air bag. Measurements of Zoom Air bag come in at roughly 14 millimeters thick, which is about a half inch thick, and 112 millimeters or 4.4 inches wide. The bag itself makes up the entire forefoot, but there’s a catch.

That catch is that the phylon foam is cored out at the forefoot, giving the Zoom a more “unlocked feel”, but it’s not cored out completely, which sucks since Nike is marketing this as the largest Zoom Air bag ever in a basketball shoe. Thus, since the entire phylon in the forefoot isn’t entirely cored out, that contributes to the fact that some may not be able to feel the cushion compress as much as they’d like.




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