The Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% Is Officially Unveiled

The Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% is officially unveiled.

Kenyan marathon runner, Eliud Kipchoge ran one hour, fifty nine minutes, and forty seconds in a pair of never-before-seen shoes from the Swoosh. We now take a look at a sample pair that has surfaced overseas on Chinese social media platform, Weibo, of Kipchoge’s record-setting shoes he wore during the marathon in Vienna – the Nike Air Zoom AlphaFly Next %.

This new shoe from the Swoosh sports a highly recognizable silhouette and tech features from the ZoomX Vaporfly Next%. The tooling and upper are highly distinguishable, with the main differences being the cushioning and a new upper material. ZoomX foam appears to be in use, but just like Kipchoge’s marathon pair, it features a large volume Zoom Air bag at the forefoot, which is stabilized by carbon fiber plates inside the midsole. The upper is called Atom Knit, which is a brand new innovation from Nike we’ve never heard of before. It’s likely similar to the VaporWeave material used in its predecessor model as in weight and thickness, but is made up of a knit instead of a woven.

Let us know your thoughts of these Nike Air Zoom AlphaFly Next% samples that were originally debuted by the legend himself, Eliud Kipchoge. Keep it locked here as updates arrive regarding a potential release.

UPDATE (02/05/2020): The Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% is officially unveiled. Read below for the official press release.

Call it the ultimate test run: When Eliud Kipchoge broke the two-hour marathon barrier in Vienna this past October, he was wearing a prototype of the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%.

“For runners, records like the four-minute mile and two-hour marathon are barometers of progress. These are barriers that have tested human potential. When someone like Eliud breaks them, our collective belief about what’s possible changes,” says Tony Bignell, VP, Footwear Innovation. “Barriers are inspiring to innovators. Like athletes, when a barrier is in front of us, we are challenged to think differently and push game-changing progress in footwear design.”

The NEXT% platform is the ultimate expression of Nike’s ambition to engineer footwear with measurable performance benefit. NEXT% is all about creating more efficient intersections between the body and technology to enable athletes to shatter personal boundaries — and sometimes, as our athletes have shown, break records. It is the ultimate meeting of sports science and purposeful design.

The Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% evolves the learnings of the Vaporfly franchise, adding Zoom Air Pods in the forefoot, more ZoomX Foam in the heel and a lighter Atomknit upper.

“The groundbreaking research that led to the original Vaporfly unlocked an entirely new way of thinking about marathon shoes,” says Carrie Dimoff, an elite marathoner and member of Nike’s Advanced Innovation Team. “Once we understood the plate and foam as a system, we started thinking about ways to make the system even more effective. That’s when we struck upon the idea of adding Nike Air to store and return even more of a runner’s energy and provide even more cushioning.”  

Nike’s newest race-day shoe, the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% features two new Nike Zoom Air pods, more ZoomX foam and a single carbon fiber plate (all updates from its predecessor, the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%), and an ultra-breathable, lightweight Flyknit upper – all adding up to improved cushioning and running economy.

The shoe is part of a suite of products releasing in summer 2020, including the Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% and Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% FlyEase, complementary training shoes that translate the principles of the Alphafly to rigorous daily use, and track spikes (the Nike Air Zoom Victory) that extend the NEXT% design ethos to new disciplines.

Designed for higher mileage and more frequent daily use, the Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% was created as a training complement to the Alphafly NEXT%.
Designed for higher mileage and more frequent daily use, the Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% FE was created as a training complement to the Alphafly NEXT%.

For the Tempo NEXT%, the NEXT% system is specifically tuned to training. The plate shifts from carbon to a composite — softer for added comfort over higher mileage — but still serves to provide stability and transition throughout a runner’s full stride. ZoomX, prized for its energy return and responsiveness, sits above the plate at mid and forefoot. For maximum impact protection and durability, Nike React Foam is used at the heel. The same Nike Zoom Air pods featured in the new Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% are also placed in the Tempo’s forefoot to offer responsive cushioning and a sensation of propulsion.

The Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%, Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% and Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% FlyEase give athletes of today an opportunity to stamp their mark and motivate athletes (and designers) of tomorrow to set even greater goals. Stay tuned to the site for further updates about the shoes’ release date.

Original Posting (11/28/2019): First Look at the Nike Air Zoom AlphaFly Next% sample pair, that was originally debuted by Eliud Kipchoge during a marathon.

h/t: Weibo user Lu Qiang.

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  1. any inside on when these will be coming out?

    • Nick Montesano

      No word yet. It’s looking like they are just samples, and exclusively for marathon runners like Kipchoge. We’ll keep you posted if we get any more information.

  2. I need these asap! These are the best shoes I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!@

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