The Best Everyday Shoes of 2020 (So Far)

The Best Everyday Shoes of 2020 (So Far).

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I’ve released my “The Best Everyday Shoes of 2020 (So Far)” list article based off comfortability, affordability, aesthetics, and a reasonable amount of availability for consumers to purchase. This list includes shoes from various brands you may not have heard from, but make the top list for the right reasons. While choosing a list for the best everyday shoes of the year is quite hard due to everybody having different opinions on what they look for in everyday shoes (obviously aesthetics being one of the most important), I’ve still done my best to create a list of shoes that I believe many will like if they have already tried before or are willing to try in the future. Please also note that this is a different list from “The BEST Basketball Shoes Available Now (August 2020)” that I created in early August. That list was very strictly basketball shoes, while this list will include shoes that can be worn everyday for casual use. However, it’s not limited to just “casual” labeled shoes.

Additionally, this list will not include hype releases that were released in limited quantities, making it hard for average consumers like us to purchase, and have ridiculously enormous resell prices for the likely 95% of consumers who weren’t able to purchase the shoes due to their exclusivity.

10. Li-Ning Yu Shuai 13 Low

Available at: Amazon

This shoe was honestly a toss up to include in this list as they have a very performance basketball driven aesthetic to them. Everything from the Yu Shuai 13 Low’s plush and comfortable Light Foam midsole, textile overlaid upper, and streamline aesthetic puts them at the #10 spot on the list. While this may be a basketball shoe, they are just so comfortable to the point as to where they had to make the list. Yes, a shoe from a Chinese brand made a spot on the list, and there’s more to be seen as well.

9. Jordan Zoom Trunner Ultimate

Available at:

The Jordan Zoom Trunner Ultimate is a running shoe that utilizes full length, caged React, as well as a full length Zoom Air bag, which is additionally double stacked at the forefoot. While the shoe doesn’t have the “plush” feeling of Boost, or Taichi foam underfoot, it’s just ridiculously bouncy and springy underfoot. If I could compare it to anything as per the sensation and feel underfoot, it just feels like a bouncy spring board or trampoline. The tooling is where this shoe very clearly excels, but the build is where Jordan Brand really made these lackluster. The upper is very thin and seriously cheap. You’d think for a $150 they’d give us some Flyknit or raw materials, but of course they had to cheap out somewhere. While I know I said affordability was a factor in picking the shoe for this list, the Zoom Trunner Ultimate is $150 retail, but can be bought on sale for $130 from, and will continue to go on sale in the future. The aesthetics of them are also what many like to call an “acquired taste” due to jagged designed midsole and basic looking upper.

8. Nike Air Force One React

Available at:

The Nike Air Force One React isn’t quite as comfortable as the Zoom Trunner Ultimate and Yu Shuai 13 since the rubber cupsole cages the internal React drop-in midsole, but I had to put these above those two shoes at the #8 spot because they just look so dope. Again, aesthetics are such a subjective topic and view of a shoe. I believe these look excellent and think the vast majority of consumers would find them that way too. These are miles ahead of the regular brick-like Air Force 1 in terms of comfortability, and are a great refresh on the classic staple model from the Swoosh.

7. Asics Novablast

Available at:

Yes, a shoe from Asics made the list. Asics is seriously fantastic at making really comfortable shoes for affordable prices. Aesthetics are one of the their biggest drawbacks that people find about the brand because of the large stripe Asics logo the brand continuously puts on their shoes. While the Novablast may feature that, in the right colorway, the shoe is really clean and has a really sleek silhouette to them. The FlyteFoam midsole is really bouncy and plush underfoot. My only complaint is that the heel to toe drop of the midsole feels really unorthodox underfoot, and it’s something that most wearers I feel would have to get used to. The upper is very cheap and thin, but is lightweight. I had to put these as #7 because they are seriously just that comfortable on foot and is a really nice “refresh” sneaker for Asics and a step in the right direction.

6. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10

Available at:

The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 has to be the brand’s best sneaker they’ve ever put out in my opinion. The Fresh Foam is SUPER plush and feels like it has a good amount of resilience to it, to the point of where it won’t bottom out very fast over time, unlike Nike Lunarlon, for example. Aside from the midsole, the upper is REALLY thin, but super stretchy and comfortable on foot. It literally feels like you’re wearing a sock. I absolutely love it. The only reasons I didn’t put these higher on the list is due to the fact that I find the “N” New Balance logo really ugly, and is placed very large on both the medial and lateral side. I wish it was placed smaller like on the OMN1S or almost non existent on the KAWHI. Minimal branding I feel like is something New Balance should partake in it because their logo really isn’t anything special, and they could really benefit in the aesthetics department, just like Under Armour has done with Curry shoes since the 4. The Fresh Foam 1080v10 is also $150, which is on the expensive side in comparison to the other shoes on this list.

5. Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit

Available at:

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit simply put, is AWESOME. I really enjoyed everything about the shoe. They are advertised to “help prevent injury” because of the shoe’s “rocker” style tooling, which is completely bogus. However, aside from that point, I liked pretty much everything about the shoe besides a few things. The tooling is fantastic, very comfortable, and straight to the point. You get a nice, fat slab of React which is plush underfoot, a wide, rocker style platform, as well as a Flyknit upper. The drawback is that it isn’t real Flyknit. The tongue is the stretchy Flyknit we all know and love, but from the midfoot down, it’s just very plastic-y and cheap. Also, the heel fit very loose. The reason I put these at #5 is just because they are so damn comfortable and they look so clean on foot. Retail is $160, which sucks, but they can be bought for $140 or below pretty much anywhere now, making them a really fantastic sneaker for that price.

4. adidas Ultraboost DNA

Available at:

The adidas Ultraboost DNA, pretty much the Ultraboost 1.0. The Ultraboost DNA is the same shoe as the 1.0 pretty much, but with different upper and cage materials on select colorways. If you’ve tried the older Ultra Boosts before the 19 model, you can already know what to expect in these. There’s not much I can really say besides that it’s the Ultraboost, comfortable, plush underfoot, fits like a sock, and is just awesome all around. Not only that, but they also look GREAT on foot. $180 is a lot of money for these, but they can be purchased on sale at and are just a classic staple from adidas most of us know and love.

3. ANTA KT5 Low

Available at: Famuji Sneaker, ANKT Shop

If you’ve watched pretty much any recent video from me, you already know how I feel about the ANTA KT5 Low. These are AMAZING! The shoe has practically no drawbacks besides the external torsional shank plate that hurts my arches when I wear them because I have wide feet. I did a simple insole swap with the stock arch support insoles that are featured in my KT5 High “Pro Stars” colorway, and these were perfect for me. Although these are basketball shoes, they are also fantastic to wear as casual shoes. I’m not going to go into much more detail because I’d just continue to sound more redundant since I have already said so many good things about these in most of my recent videos on YouTube.

2. PEAK Taichi 1.0

Available at: Amazon, eBay, Famuji Sneaker

I’m sure not many of you have heard about this shoe, but I, and many reviewers on YouTube have praised these; the PEAK Taichi 1.0. These are simply phenomenal. Great premium knit, the most comfortable and resilient foam on the market (Taichi), and a very clean, and simple silhouette. The aesthetic of the shoe may not be for everybody, but I feel as if you gave these a try, you’d love them, and they are the best bang for your buck everyday shoe in terms of comfortability and aesthetics for the price of below $100 in my opinion.


Available at: Famuji Sneaker & ANKT Shop

What can I say… most of you who have kept up with content the past few months already know how I feel about Gordon Hayward’s first signature shoe with ANTA. They are perfect for me as a basketball shoe as well as an everyday shoe to wear casually. They are just so sleek and stylish that I feel more than comfortable rocking them on and off the court. The combination of the A Flash Foam midsole, durable outsole, as well as a plethora of different colorways that feature different uppers (knit, nubuck, suede, leather, jacquard), just puts them at the #1 spot on the list. The fact that they are $99 retail in select colorways says a lot about ANTA’s values and merits as a company.

Let me know what you think of my Best Everyday Shoes of 2020 (So Far) list in the comments below and if you’d make any changes to the shoes I have selected and the order I placed them in.

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  1. I also like using basketball shoes that could pass for everyday shoes, something that has a simple look (almost runner like), comfortable cushioning, and stability. Its weird to say, but sometimes I like more stability in an everyday shoe than some running or casual shoes can provide, because I live in a city with uneven, cracked sidewalks.

    The marquee boost low has been my staple cuz it basically looks like an adidas runner and has one of the most comfortable uses of boost in a ball shoe they’ve ever done. I also just got the anta shock the game 2 low, which has some nice, plush cushioning and the traction grips to anything. The ball shoes on this list also seem good.

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