The Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

The best ankle-supportive basketball shoes you can get right now.

Ankle support is one of, if not the most common misconceptions in basketball shoe terminology to date. Many tend to think “ankle support” comes from the collar height of a basketball shoe, (e.g. high tops). While a higher ankle collar cut can be a contributing factor in having good ankle support in a basketball shoe, the main properties of good ankle support doesn’t come from that. It really comes from the support, lockdown, containment, and stability.

For example, Kobe’s are one of the most popular basketball shoes of all time. There’s a reason so many NBA players, recreational players, and just fans in general love to wear them aside from the player/name attached to the shoe—because they perform well too. And, part of the reason is because most of the low-top Kobe’s (the 4 succeeding) have excellent court feel, stability, containment, and support all around. So, really the overall support features of a basketball shoe will give you truly good “ankle support”, which can help prevent a player from rolling their ankle. Ankle rolls aren’t 100% preventable. The collar height is just a measly contributing factor. Here’s our video on the best basketball shoes for ankle support, right now.

I hope you found this video helpful in choosing what the best ankle-supportive basketball shoe could be for you. I am not a doctor, podiatrist, surgeon, or anything of that such. However, understanding the basic anatomy of the human foot and how it moves and functions during the game of basketball is not that hard to comprehend and understand. Let me know any questions or thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Don’t know about D.O.N. Issue #2 but Issue #1 has amazing support, it’s on of a “safiest” shoes I had on my feet.

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