The BEST Basketball Shoes Available Now (August 2020)

The BEST Basketball Shoes Available Now (August 2020).

We’re already over eight months into what this whirlwind of a year has been, also known as 2020. The highs, the lows, the struggle, the defeat, the rise, the fall, and the perseverance through it all is what has made this year so unforgettable thus far. Just before the Summer ends, I wanted to provide you with my BEST Basketball Shoes Available Now (August 2020) video.

The video lists out the best performing basketball shoes (in my opinion) that are currently available to purchase right now, as of August 2020. This video “topic” will likely be updated towards the end of the year as a recap of all the basketball shoes that have released during the year.

The criteria that determined my picks for the best basketball shoes available were based off price, versatile performance, and durability. Price is something that is extremely important for the average consumer wanting to purchase a basketball shoe. If a basketball shoe is outrageously priced (ex: LeBron 17 at $200), it’s not that much of an affordable option. In addition to the price, probably the most two critical elements are versatile performance and durability. Versatile performance means the performance of the sneaker that can cater to multiple different positions’ needs. The durability speaks for itself. If you buy a shoe like the Air Jordan 34, which has been praised as one of, if not the best basketball shoe of 2019 by several other reviewers, but the shoe has MAJOR durability issues and flaws, and will fall apart within a brief amount of time, there’s really no point in purchasing the shoe.

A basketball shoe may perform well, like the Air Jordan 34, but if it falls apart within a brief amount of time, what’s the point of purchasing it, especially if it retails for $180? Exactly, there is no point. Not everybody will experience durability issues with the Air Jordan 34, but many have. If a basketball shoe is going to be priced that expensive, it should be able to perform indoors, outdoors, and be played on any given court condition constantly for months in without falling apart, and should be able to maintain good durability. Truth be told, it’s not a surprise the Air Jordan 34 hasn’t held up for many wearers because it’s a marketing plea Nike has pulled for several of their latest models.

I understand a lot of the shoes I mention in the video are Chinese branded basketball shoes, which are not available to try on in the states, and don’t come in large sizes. I understand they aren’t as openly available as shoes from Nike and larger brands in the states, but I’m not counting them out due to that. Chinese brands are on the RISE in the United States, and the more they are talked about via word to mouth, the more they’ll become openly available to purchase in the US. ANTA definitely is putting out the best bang for your buck, affordable, durable, and versatile performance basketball shoes right now, and have been for at least the past year. I know most ANTA shoes only go up to a Men’s size 11-11.5, but there are several other Chinese branded basketball shoes like the PEAK TP7, PEAK Underground, and Li-Ning/Way of Wade shoes that often go up to a 13, that perform extremely well too. We hope in the future Chinese brands (especially ANTA) will become more openly available in the states, especially in bigger sizes. While we patiently wait for that though, at least they are available in standard sizes (6.5-11.5) for now.

Let me know what you think of my BEST Basketball Shoes Available Now (August 2020) video in the comments below. Agree or disagree with me, I believe I’ve put together an accurate list of the best basketball shoes that are currently available to purchase since I’ve tested the majority of the brands that produce basketball shoes currently on the market. However you feel about my video, I hope you at least were able to understand how I came about putting together the list, and hopefully it gave you a perception that there are plenty of options to choose from on the market.

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