The BEST and WORST Cushions in Basketball Shoes 2020

The best and worst basketball shoe cushions of 2020.

Wow. Just like that we’re at the end of a whirlwind of a year—2020. It’s been one hectic and crazy year filled with ups and downs, but as I have previously stated, the highs, the lows, the struggle, the defeat, the rise, the fall, and the perseverance through it all is what has made this year so unforgettable. Here’s my picks for The Best and Worst Cushions in Basketball Shoes of 2020.

My picks were made based off how the specific cushion is implemented into the shoe(s), its impact protection, bouncy/springiness, its court feel and stability, as well as the price of the shoe, and if the shoe has other flaws like bad durability which doesn’t make it worth its retail price. This is because, why buy a shoe with good cushioning, but the shoe won’t be durable, and will fall apart, making it so you can’t get much time and energy out of the cushion? Thus, these picks are more focused on the best cushion SET-UPS in shoes since a cushion can, and is often implemented in many different ways in so many shoes.

PLEASE NOTE: Other cushioning setups like Air Strobel in the PG4, PEAK Taichi set-ups in the TP and Underground lines, React in the Air Zoom BB NXT, and others, were not included in the video because they aren’t either the best or worse cushionings on the market, and this video solely focuses on the best and worst cushionings. So, if you don’t hear a specific cushion mentioned in this video, that’s why.

Let me know what you think of my BEST and WORST Cushions In Basketball Shoes of 2020 video in the comments below. Agree or disagree with me, I believe I’ve put together a pretty comprehensive list for choosing them with varied, important criteria. However you feel about my video, I hope you at least were able to understand how I came about putting together the list, and hopefully it gave you a perception that there are plenty of cushion setups and options to choose from on the market.

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