The ANTA GH2 Is Officially Unveiled

The ANTA GH2 is set to release.

The newly signed Charlotte Hornets’ star, Gordon Hayward, is set to release his second signature shoe—the ANTA GH2.

The GH2 is a shoe that The Sneaker Brief team has been highly anticipating since they first surfaced during the Summer time. Considering the GH1 is our favorite performance basketball shoe—ever—, our excitement for Hayward’s second signature model was through the roof. And now the shoe is almost here.

Inspired by tigers—if the GH1 is the prowl, then the GH2 represents the pounce. Bringing the tooth from the heel to the midfoot symbolizes Gordon Hayward’s readiness to be more aggressive this season and step back into his role as a dominant player in the league. Likewise, the tooth adds stability to the ride of the GH2 for more controlled lateral movement. “I’ve always liked the way tigers move. They don’t hunt in packs, like lions. Tigers hunt alone – and I feel like I maneuver the same way” – Gordon Hayward. To put this into consideration, tigers still remain as an inspiration and a tone of the GH line. And not only that, the GH2 will be more power, more control, more intimidation.

Behind the Technology


Dynamic players like Gordon Hayward need more than cushioning, they need ultimate control. ANTA’s ALTI FLASH™foam cushioning delivers comfort with each landing and responsiveness that allows for quicker elevation. The clench of the lateral TPU stabilizer makes cutting to the basket even faster. 


“My mental confidence is a big part of what I’ve been working on. Individually getting back to the player I was, the player they want me to be and improving off of last year.” -Gordon Hayward. Every time Gordon laces up the GH2, he’ll read “GO HARD” across the tongue. Using the letters from his name, he’ll know that he has it inside of him to overcome his doubts and perform with the best.


Gordon’s connection to his home state of Indiana runs deep. He strongly believes in the youth basketball programs, citing the quality of players it produces. He’s willing to bet it against any other city in the nation. So the Indiana map is carved in the left of shoes to remind him. “We have the best basketball in the country. There’s a lot of us in the NBA. I’ll wear that with pride.”

Heel counter:

Using conventional shoe making techniques, the heel of the GH2 represents tradition. Disguised as tiger stripes, the names of his parents, Scott (left) and Jody (right), are embossed on the overlays. His father got him started while his mother urged him to play one more year when he thought he wanted to focus on tennis. Gordon also values what it means to play for a storied franchise.

The ANTA GH2 “Go Hard” releases tomorrow, December 9th, 2020 at and select ANTA retailers. Let us know what you think of the GH2 in the comments below and stay tuned as we will be reviewing them very soon.

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