The ANTA 2020 KT Light Is Coming Soon

The ANTA 2020 KT Light is coming soon.

In addition to the newly released KT5 Light, the ANTA 2020 KT Light budget model will be coming soon.

The 2020 KT Light looks to arrive with a caged foam midsole, with the foam likely either being ANTA’s A Flash Foam, or A Shock Foam. The webbed sole tread arrives reminiscent of traction patterns featured on shoes in the KT signature line, as well as other budget-friendly ANTA footwear. The build appears to utilize a knitted upper, which will likely be ANTA’s A-Web upper. A one piece bootien construction with a standard set of laces that go through cabled eyelets stitched to the upper complete the look.

Let us know what you think of the ANTA 2020 KT Light in the comments below. Stay tuned as they’ll likely be arriving to and select online ANTA retailers in the coming weeks.

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