The adidas Pro Bounce 2018 for Timberwolves Star Andrew Wiggins

adidas' newest basketball silhouette has surfaced in 'Minnesota' colors for Andrew Wiggins, the Pro Bounce 2018.

Back in the Summer of 2014, after Andrew Wiggins was drafted first overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers, he inked an endorsement deal with adidas to rock their kicks on court.  We’ve mainly seen him play in his own PEs, that have actually released, of the adidas Crazy Explosive BOOST.

This year, it’s looking like Andrew Wiggins will be rocking some ‘Minnesota’ colorways of the recently surfaced adidas Pro Bounce 2018. Yes, you heard that right, not the Crazy Explosive featuring BOOST. In fact, just to let everyone know, it’s nearly certain we will not be seeing a Crazy Explosive this year featuring BOOST cushioning, as the new Crazy Explosive has surfaced, featuring just Bounce.

The adidas Pro Bounce 2018 looks to feature a maple leaf  inspired outsole, relating to Canada, where he is from. The actual grooves themselves look to be that of a story-telling pattern, but this is pure speculation because the outsole is translucent and isn’t clear enough to see the actual traction pattern. Cushion wise, we have an abundant amount of adidas Bounce foam, along with a TPU stabilization plate to top it off. Additionally adidas is offering a look of a textile or woven upper, featuring some unique stitching patterns all along the upper.

Well, that just about takes care of it. This is a pretty good look at this year’s adidas Pro Bounce, but we’ll also put some more detailed images of adidas’ newest basketball silhouette down below. There’s currently no release information available on this specific pair just yet. What do y’all think about these? Let us know in the comments. Anyways, stay locked to One on One Testers for more of The Sneaker Bulletin.

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adidas Pro Bounce 2018 ‘Andrew Wiggins’ PE via Hupu/Street8oy

PRO BOUNCE 2018 - Adidas

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