Newest NBA Sneaker Policy | Players Can Wear All-Colored Kicks

Adam Silver and the NBA have made a new sneaker policy for on the court, and you won't want to miss out on this dope new rule.

News broke sometime yesterday, that the NBA would be allowing players to wear sneakers without any restrictions for the upcoming season, news that for many does not come as a surprise due to the growing connection between sneaker culture and the NBA.

Jordan 1 ‘Banned’.

The NBA has not always been known for its leniency in this matter.  In fact during the 1984-85 season most notably the NBA banned sneakers such as the iconic Air Jordan 1 “Bred”, due to its failure to comply with current NBA dress code at the time.  The dress code started off as a player must wear shoes that not only matched their uniforms, but also matched all the other players on the team.  This rule basically restricted athletes to wearing predominantly black or white sneakers.  So when Michael Jordan became the first rebellious player to don new colors Black and Red which not only didn’t match the rest of his teammates but really stood out the NBA took action, threatening fines every time Jordan graced the court in his new sneakers.  Thankfully Nike wouldn’t stand for it and offered to foot the bill any time a fine was issued to Jordan.


Fast Forward to the late 80’s early 90’s, as NBA uniforms expanded from strictly the home and away color ways and added an alternative uniform. To comply with the changing times, the NBA updated their strict policy, to make room for players to wear sneakers of any color that would match the colors of the teams uniform.  Still NBA players would rebel breaking out some insane and exclusive colorways throughout the season and using the court to express their style. Fines continued to be issued and again a rule change was in order.

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The NBA began to embrace the players love for showing out with their sneakers on court and the next step was having event days, usually 10 per season, where the players would be given even less restriction on footwear choices, as colors no longer had to comply with team colors on these specific days.  We began to see the true sneaker culture of the NBA coming to light, as players were given more freedom to express themselves through there on court sneaker selections.  Still though restrictions during most regular season games thwarted a season long fashion show from the players on court.

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Now finally, after years of fines, bans, and protests, The NBA has come to terms with the players association on a new set of rules that should have players and fans alike ecstatic to see whats to come from the sneaker heads of the NBA this upcoming season.  Players will no longer have restrictions on color or design, as it has pretty much become open game for sneakers and will make for possibly the most exciting NBA season for sneakers to date.  What will we see from the NBAs most eccentric sneaker heads this year?  Are you looking forward to the NBA’s new sneaker rules.  Let us know how you feel in the comments and don’t forget to stay tuned to One on One Testers & The Sneaker Bulletin for more dope sneaker news.

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