What Could Have Been The Jordan Melo M14

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Above: Rendering of Jordan Melo M14

Carmelo Anthony has been an ambassador for Jordan Brand since entering the NBA post NCAA Championship in Syracuse.  Since then we have seen Melo get his own signature line with Jordan that has seen 13 models, as well as multiple Player Exclusives, to wear on court as well as hitting the retail market.  Prior to the start of the 2017-2018 NBA season news began to circulate of Melo in talks with Jordan of an updated contract.  The Melo line was not what it once was, as sales were on the decline.  Rumor was that the Jordan Melo 12 would be the last, but the line made a push and was able to get another model, the Melo M13 out. The M13 would follow in its more recent predecessors steps as sales remained low.

Many in the media began to speculate that the Melo line was finished, and the news made its way back to the star via interviews.  When asked if the line had been discontinued Melos answer was just ‘False News’, but it seemed like the news became a reality when during the 2017-2018 season we saw no new release from the Melo signature line, though the Stars branding had made its way to multiple player exclusive releases such as the Jordan 1 ‘Melo’, The Jordan 9 ‘Melo’ and a retro rerelease of Melos own Melo 1.5’s.  With the 2018 season in the rearview and the 2018-2019 season only days away, it seems after a years hiatus we may have a first look at what could be or would be the next installment in the Melo line, The Melo M14.  Leaked images have supplied us with a new silhouette reminiscent of the Melo M8 and the Jordan 11 combined.

While the images are just renderings, they have still generated some buzz, and show that there still may be potential for Melos line after all.  The images show us three color ways all which look like they would be dope, the first a white and sail featuring orange accents.  The second a similar scheme to the Jordan 11 ‘Heiress’ comes in black, white and gold.  The final pic we see is a red, white and black rendering.  The design gives off a Jordan 11 vibe as the upper and mudguard are combined in a similar silhouette.  While the images we received have potential to be an awesome new sneaker from Jordan Brand, as of right now there is still no news on if these will ever make it to retail.

With number for the Melo line still struggling maybe releasing these can reignite some interest in the sneakers.  For now Melo fans will have to sit patient and hopefully receive some news of the line continuing in the near future.  If not I’m sure we will see more Player Exclusives release to the public this season as all eyes are now on the Jordan 33 and Russel Westbrook’s “Why Not?” ZER0.2. Stay tuned to One on One Testers & The Sneaker Bulletin for more news and updates and let us no what you think about the possible Melo M14’s in the comments below.

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 Above Left: Jordan Melo M13, Right: Jordan Melo 1.5

Above: Jordan Melo M8

Above: Air Jordan 11

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