Air Jordan 33 Release Information

After much speculation, the Air Jordan 33 finally has a release date. Prepare to fly.


Unlike everyone else who has been buying into the recent leaks on the Jordan 33, I have had my doubts that the images released are not the actual Jordan 33 that we will get in retail.  Specifically, because the image we have seen bares absolutely no resemblance to the original Air Jordan 3 (something we believed would be used as inspirations in each of the continuing Jordan 30+ sneakers.)  Today my speculations have progressed as news of the Jordan 33 release date has surfaced with no image of the sneaker represented.  Jordan Brand has done a great job at making the Jordan 30+ releases a spectacle as in the past very few to no leaked images have hit the web prior to the sneakers unveiling. The new scheduled unveiling for the Jordan 33 is set for September 20th, in LA, California.  The image below was used to drop the news.

Will we be surprised with a never before seen new Jordan 33 model or are the leaked images we’ve been seeing over the past few weeks the actual Air Jordan 33?  That just about wraps it up for now and dont miss the unveiling September 20th which is usually available to live stream. Stay tuned to One on One Testers and The Sneaker Bulletin for more updates and share your thoughts on the Jordan 33 in the comments below.


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