PUMA Hints Deal with NBA Star Kawhi Leonard

PUMA Hoops has teased to social media that Kawhi Leonard could be joining their team.

Puma Hoops has been making moves since early in the summer.  It began when the brand went after and signed big name rookies Marvin Bagley lll and Deandre Ayton to deals and unveiled the brands newest sneaker the Clyde Court Disrupt. This new silhouette introduced in a bright orange and yellow colorway  present the public with a taste of the new direction the brand plans to head in with its sneakers. NBA players began to join the movement to Puma as Rudy Gay and Kelly Oubre Jr. joined the team.

The hype for Puma Hoops was beginning to build with news of all the recent signings and an innovative new sneaker set to launch in the upcoming months things were looking up.  Then more news that would help propel the brand as they look towards a bright new future, Jay Z was brought on as the creative director of basketball for Puma Hoops.  Puma clearly had intentions to make noise in the sneaker game and was moving quickly to do so in the upcoming 2019 season by cementing their brand as one of top and continuing to build a roster of young stars.

Shortly after news of Jay Z joining the brand broke, news of more players joining the brand began to circulate and  ended up with Terry Rozier and rookie Kevin Knox joining the team.  While this news was great and added to the recognizable names on the roster the brand still looked to expand and make a push to sign the big names left in sneaker free agency.  Then earlier this week we received news that Demarcus Cousins inked a contract with the brand and Nike had 10 days to match but Puma isn’t done yet.

In a cryptic new Instagram post on Puma Hoops’ story speaking about Toronto and someone stopping by the Puma offices tomorrow. While this could mean anything, speculation would lead one to believe that given the circumstances as Kawhi Leonard being a sneaker free agent and a current a member of the Toronto Raptors, that he would be the person stopping by the Puma offices possibly to talk about or sign a Puma deal.  Adding a Superstar the likes of Kawhi could cement Puma as one of the new powerhouses of sneaker brands in the NBA. While it is still early the quick expansion in roster and hype for the upcoming release of the Clyde Court Disrupt indicate that Puma Hoops is looking to be a big part of the future of the NBA.

Will Kawhi sign and add to the growing roster at Puma Hoops? Will you be copping the upcoming Clyde Court Disrupt release? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to One on One Testers The Sneaker Bulletin for more information.

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