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The Air Jordan 33 has yet to been teased even more, this time we give you a First Look at its outsole.


The Air Jordan 33 has been an elusive Sneaker since news of its release earlier this summer began to circulate. First there were the images of the Jordan Hustle and the Jordan Omega which leaked and while info on the sneakers had yet to be released many speculated that either silhouette may be the upcoming Jordan 33.  This new story hit a dead end though when the names of each new Jordan brand sneaker were released neither being the Jordan 33 like many expected.  Sneaker heads were left confused as the limited news everyone thought they had on the Jordan 33’s was in fact not the sneaker at all.  Things went quiet on the 33 front that was until Jordan Brand took to instagram to tease the first photo for the Jordan 33, a save the date for September 20th in Los Angeles CA.

We finally had a date for the reveal of what up to this point had been one of Jordan Brands most secretive sneakers to date.  The again earlier this week a second teaser released by Jordan of what appears to be a pull tab reading, pull to lockdown, with the caption “Locked Down”, #preparetofly, with the date sept 20th as well.  This next cryptic teaser possibly alluding to a new lacing system in the upcoming Jordan 33.  Still through all of the news and rumors we had yet to receive any images of the elusive 33.  Now finally we may have our first look at the sneaker, a grainy image showing a sneaker silhouette from below and we are able to make out what appears to be the 33’s newly designed sole.

The image doesn’t give us much other than the basic design of the sneakers silhouette from below, showing a translucent sole which appears to have a similar structure to that of the Jordan 31 but with a more curved flow than what we have seen in the past as well as an added holographic circle that sits in the middle of the sole.  For now this is all the info that Jordan Brand has released on these heavily anticipated and secretive sneakers, but stay tuned to One on One Testers and The Sneaker Bulletin for more news and updates and don’t forget to let us know what you think of Jordans new 33 as well as how they’re going about the unveiling.

Rumored image of the Air Jordan 33 Outsole.

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