Gordon Hayward Signs With Anta Sports

Gordon Hayward is looking to play his first full NBA season with the Boston Celtics this year, but what kicks will he be rocking on the court?



Sneaker free agency is beginning to heat up as the upcoming NBA season quickly approaches.  Some big names are still weighing their options as news has began to swirl of rumored offers and signings. To this point we have already heard news of a possible departure of Kawhi Leonard from Jordan, KAT has been spotted rocking Jordan possibly eluding to him moving on from Nike, and Joel Embiid has been seen rocking Under Armour.  Now news that another Star NBA player might be changing brands, Gordon Hayward has been linked to Anta sports and has apparently signed a 4 year offer sheet with the brand.

Hayward who’s current contract at Nike is set to expire before the season starts, is currently in a grace period where prior to the season stars with expiring contracts have the chance to mull offers from other brands interested. With this offer Nike now has a 10 day period in which they can choose to match Anta’s offer to Hayward or cut ties with the star.  This all comes as a shock as New Balance was rumored to be going after the star.

 Hayward looks to bounce back from an injury last season to play his first true season as a Boston Celtic this year and we may get to see him do that in some dope new Anta’s.  If the deal goes through Hayward joins athletes such as Klay Thompson, and Rajon Rondo on the Anta roster. Would a deal with Anta mean a signature line for Hayward? For now we can only speculate, but stay tuned to One on One Testers and The Sneaker Bulletin for more news and updates.

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