Select Pairs of the Nike PG 4 Feature TPU Midfoot Plates

Select pairs of the Nike PG 4 feature TPU midfoot plates.

In late 2019, we shared some photos on our Instagram page that ended up going viral within the performance footwear community of the Nike PG 4 not featuring any TPU midfoot plates. Now, as we are in late February of 2020, we have photos of Paul George’s Nike PG 4 PEs which feature TPU midfoot plates – something general release consumer pairs do not.

In addition to the PG 4s already substandard lateral containment, the shoe has become even more of a worry to several basketball players due to no TPU midfoot plate being featured in the general release pairs of the shoe. Although it is not a complete “necessity” in today’s modern performance basketball shoes, it is an essential piece of plastic, carbon fiber, or other stiff, rigid material generally placed within the midsole of a shoe to provide rigidity, and keep the shoe’s form intact. While such a small piece may not look like it has a ton of function, it actually does. It offers stability, something all basketball shoes require for good performance.

The following set of photos below showcases the PG 4 ‘Smoke Grey’ first general release colorway deconstructed. However, while the pair below is indeed a general release pair, it is labeled as an overseas “EP” pair, which stands for Enhanced Performance. In other words, “EP” pairs aren’t something we receive in the United States, but people overseas do. The “EP” pairs of the PG 4 feature midfoot TPU plates, as shown in the set of photos below.

h/t: HUPU user 7Kevin35.
h/t: HUPU user 英球哥哥.
h/t: HUPU user NsTartly.

The next set of photos below show Paul George actually in game wearing his Nike PG 4 signature shoe. As seen at the midfoot of the sole, there are indeed TPU plates for George’s PE pairs as well. This is also something that general release pairs in the United States did not receive. Essentially, “EP” pairs released overseas, and Paul George’s PEs are the only pairs of the PG 4 to feature TPU midfoot plates.

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images.

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