Exclusive Look at Nike PG 3 Samples

Three samples of the new addition to the PG signature line have leaked!



After the launch of the hyped up NASA colorway of the Nike PG 3 and the BHM pack leaking which included a BHM PG 3, we’re finally getting a first look at some samples of this new signature shoe. I really love looking back at samples and seeing what they were trying to accomplish with these samples and what they did accomplish with the final product.

Starting off with the top sample, we have a silhouette that is strikingly similar to the final PG 3. The heel pull tab and logos used seem to be the main differences between this sample and the production model. You will notice that all three of these sample models have a heel pull tab, a feature that the PG 3 doesn’t have.

The second sample (bottom right), is where we start seeing how the sample of a shoe and it’s final production model can differ greatly. Here we see a mid top collar design which features a backwards swoosh on it. This particular colorway is black, white, red, and blue. The overall silhouette of this sample really doesn’t even seem anything like the production model.

The third and final sample is slightly different from the second one aforementioned. The midtop collar seems to be a bit more narrow than the previous sample and also has a longer heel pull tab. This colorway has a cool grey pattern alongside the upper and also uses black, red, and white to get this peculiar colorway done.



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