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The One on One Testers Team has started a new site series titled ‘Sample to Production’. We’ll be showcasing some of everyone’s favorite kicks, whether they have released in the present, or the past. Instead of just showcasing the kicks, we will be showing you exclusive sample pairs, in comparison to the retail production pairs. For our third rendition of the series, we’ll show you some images of what the Nike Kyrie 4 could have been. Click here to view our Nike Kyrie 4 | Hoops Analysis.

The Nike Kyrie 4 is my favorite performer ever, tied with the adidas Dame 4. The shoes don’t necessarily do anything premier, but it does about everything just right. The first sample model we have to show you is a picture that surfaced actually after the model released.

Nike Kyrie 4 Production Pair

The Kyrie 4s all around are a solid performer. The overall construction and build of the actual production pairs is spot on, for just $120. Building off a zig-zag outsole, we have a full-length Cushlon midsole, a two-toned mesh & suede upper, and a great fit, and great support to tag along.

Image result for kyrie 4 black ice

Nike Kyrie 4 Sample Pair

Below are some samples of what the Nike Kyrie 4 could have been. The first image actually looks super similar, silhouette wise to the Kyrie 4 production pairs. But, when actually looking into the pair and digging deeper, there’s some noticeable differences. This sample actually looks like a full-on release ready pair, and I wouldn’t be mad if these would have been the actual Kyrie 4. These look more of a true mid-top, but still keep the two-tone suede/mesh upper, while this time the suede actually wraps up a big around the heel, most likely for added containment. The additional leather heel overlay looks to wrap more towards the mid-foot in comparison to the retail pairs, as well as the midsole protrudes out a bit more, most likely for a better heel to toe transition.

The second image looks to be a full engineered-mesh upper, potentially being tested for support and containment. They also have additional TPU overlays of where the ‘teeth’ or where the outsole wraps up laterally. The midsole also looks to be slimmed down a bit in comparison to the Kyrie 4 production pairs.



Images via: street8oy.

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