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The One on One Testers Team has started a new site series titled ‘Sample to Production’. We’ll be showcasing some of everyone’s favorite kicks, whether they have released in the present, or the past. Instead of just showcasing the kicks, we will be showing you exclusive sample pairs, in comparison to the retail production pairs. Lets get into it, starting this article off with one of the better performance models to release in the last decade, the Nike LeBron 9.

Nike LeBron 9 Production Pairs

As shown below from left to right is the Nike LeBron 9 & LeBron 9 Elite, very similar performance models. The LeBron 9 was $170 when it released, and the LeBron 9 Elite was a whopping $250. The only thing the Elite’s did different from the regular 9’s were just an added aesthetic appeal, and a thicker carbon fiber material around the lateral midfoot. That’s it, and for an $80 price increase, that’s just ridiculous.

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Nike LeBron 9 Sample Pairs

Shown below are sick sample pairs of what the Nike LeBron 9 could have been. Instead of the 9s originally using a lightweight injected phylon midsole, heel Air Max, and forefoot Zoom Air, these sample pairs look to feature heel Max Zoom, which would have been much better than basic Air Max. Forefoot wise, there probably also would have been a Zoom Unit. Heel and forefoot Zoom bags? Take my money.

Additionally, the upper and overall aesthetic of the shoe is totally different. These samples don’t have the big carbon fiber ‘wing’ around the heel area, and instead look to use a pretty good looking mesh, considering these released seven years ago. Dynamic fly wire also seems to be evident, along with the signature high-top cut look. The Nike LeBron 9 were already performance beasts, but these sample pairs could have taken those kicks to the next level. Read more below on a LeBron 9












Images via: Sneaker Files.

Nike LeBron 9 ‘Floridians Hyper Posite’ Sample

PE Spotlight Nike LeBron 9 Floridians HWC Player Exclusive
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