Sample to Production Kicks | Nike Kobe 9 Elite

The One on One Testers Team has started a new site series titled 'Sample to Production'. We'll be showcasing some of everyone's favorite kicks in comparison to the samples of them.


The One on One Testers Team has started a new site series titled ‘Sample to Production’. We’ll be showcasing some of everyone’s favorite kicks, whether they have released in the present, or the past. Instead of just showcasing the kicks, we will be showing you exclusive sample pairs, in comparison to the retail production pairs. Lets get into it, starting of with one of the greatest performance footwear models of all time, the Nike Kobe 9 Elite.

The Kobe 9 Elite has become a widely popular shoe, and dubbed one of the greatest performance footwear models for basketball, ever. The first sample model we have to show you is a picture that surfaced before the actual release of the shoes. The overall silhouette we’re about to show you looks almost spot on with the Nike Kobe A.D. Mid.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite Production Pair

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Image via: Nike.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite ‘Mid-Cut’ Sample Pair

Before the actual Kobe 9 Elite even released, these images were the ‘leak’ for the actual pairs that would end up releasing. As you can see, there are a ton of noticeable difference of this sample pair, to actual production pairs. These sample pairs below have a mid-cut look to them, while the Kobe 9 Elite was a legit high-top sneaker. The actual production pairs featured a premium engineered mesh, and a pretty glued down flyknit, while these just have an ordinary mesh layer. The midsole looks just about spot on with the actual 9 Elites. Do you think the Kobe A.D. Mid was inspired after this sample of the Kobe 9 Elite?


Images via: jcenky.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite Build Samples

The images you’re about to see below not only include different renditions of builds the Kobe 9 Elite could have had, it shows different flyknit patterns, lacing structures, and mid-sole wraps from the actual production pairs. The one directly below actually has a sock-collar that almost looks to be ahead of its generation, from years ago when the Kobe 9 Elite released.


Images via: Nick DePaula.

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