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Kevin Durant's eighth basketball silhouette could have been better than what it actually was. Tune in for more information.



The One on One Testers Team has started a new site series titled ‘Sample to Production’. We’ll be showcasing some of everyone’s favorite kicks, whether they have released in the present, or the past. Instead of just showcasing the kicks, we will be showing you exclusive sample pairs, in comparison to the retail production pairs. For our third rendition of the series, we’ll show you some images of what the Nike KD 8 could have been.

Nike KD 8 Production Pair

To start things off, here’s the official Nike KD 8. Believe it or not, the upper used on these guys was actually made two to three years prior, on Nike KD 6 samples. It seems like Nike had a plethora of different options to test out sample uppers, and decided to go with the fuse upper on the KD 6, instead of the image we’ll show you below, that is from over four years ago.

The Nike KD 8 featured a modified herring-bone outsole, full-length Nike Zoom-Air, a woven upper, and a very skinny, almost suffocating fit. Design/build wise, they’re solid. A pretty well put together shoe, despite Zoom Air bags being able to deflate & pop at times. The KD 6 sample down below

Nike KD 6 Sample w/ the KD 8 upper. Image via: eBay.
Image result for kd 8
Image via: Nike.

Nike KD 8 Sample Pair

Below you’ll find a plethora of collaged images, showing a two to three year process of the Nike KD 8 being worn and tested, by Leo Chang & Kevin Durant. Just from the images, we can notice different mid-sole builds, a sculpted out heel cup, plastic enforcement around the heel foam, and overall just a completely different view of how shoes can be made and turn out.

The one thing that stands our to me is the third image of the collage, with the pink/black woven upper. Not only does it seem to use a better visual looking upper to the actual KD 8s, it looks more high-tec. Featuring dynamic flywire cables, this upper of the KD 8 looks like a true woven, and seems to have been engineered. But one reason to another, there are reasons as to why it didn’t make it on the actual production pairs.

Image via: Hupu.

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