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Continuing our new series ‘Sample to Production, we take a look at the sample and production versions of the adidas D.Rose 8.


The One on One Testers Team has started a new site series titled ‘Sample to Production’. We’ll be showcasing some of everyone’s favorite kicks, whether they have released in the present, or the past. Instead of just showcasing the kicks, we will be showing you exclusive sample pairs, in comparison to the retail production pairs. This time we’re taking a look at the sample and production models of the adidas D Rose 8.

adidas D Rose 8 Production Pair

The finished adidas D Rose 8 really looked a lot different than its sample version. The finished D Rose 8 came in a couple of different materials: A jacquard upper and a breathable engineered mesh upper. The one depicted below features that jacquard upper. Aside from material differences, the D Rose 8 had that full length Boost that I, along many others, are in love with. The shoe had a zipper like herringbone tread pattern that seemed to have worked well, but not as well as the beastly pattern of the D Rose 7. This shoe didn’t really push the envelope and people started to believe that adidas had given up on the D Rose line.

Image result for d rose 8 black gold traction
Image via: adidas.


adidas D.Rose 8 Sample Pair:

The sample really does look interesting, it’s not a mid cut, more like a high cut that gives the shoe a boot like look. The shoe overall looks really bulky, take for example that big D Rose logo on the side, sort of looks out of place. The caging for the boost also is different than the finished product, the traction is a herringbone tread pattern with longitudinal cut outs.

The materials used on the sample are engineered mesh with tons of fuse overlays, another contributor to the overall bulky look of the shoe. This shoe would have been one heck of a tank, durability would not have been an issue and the support would likely been amazing. But the major downside is how bulky the shoe is and how restrictive it probably would have been.


Images via: Hupu.
D Rose 8
Image via: thebasketballshoes.

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Images via: sportsshoesnews.

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