Reebok To Re-Enter The Basketball Footwear Market

Reebok looks to re-enter the basketball footwear market.

Reebok Basketball looks to make a return after taking quite the hiatus these past few years. After we saw brands such as PUMA and New Balance re-enter the basketball footwear world, we now see Reebok will add more momentum to the already growing competition in the market.

As of now, Reebok only has released retro basketball shoes for years. Allen Iverson’s Answer V just made a retro return, as well as classic models such as the Question Mids and BB 4600, which been available for quite some time. The subsidiary brand of adidas Hoops definitely made a huge splash back during the early 2000s with Allen Iverson’s highly successful “Question” and “Answer” line-ups. Fast forward to the end of 2019, Reebok Basketball is finally back.

Twitter user, AON Brand, has shared with us an exclusive look at what is likely to be the newest Reebok Basketball shoe. The shoe itself looks to take inspiration from their classic Jam models, but in a modernized performance and aesthetic. A FLOATRIDE foam midsole looks to make up the tooling, which was introduced in 2017, which is said to be lightweight and have a pressure set cell structure to maintain softness and responsiveness underneath foot. A 90s inspired upper is comprised of an underlying textile material, while a large reinforcement of suede with ventilation at the midfoot overlays the textile. Completing the look is a leather heel counter and inner bootie system.

Let us know your thoughts on Reebok making a potential return to the basketball footwear market in the comments below, and if you like the competition they look to bring with their newest basketball shoe. Keep it locked here as updates arrive regarding Reebok’s return to basketball.

UPDATE (12/15/2019): We’ve received word from Professional Creator, Wayne Russell, at Reebok International, on Instagram, that the photos below are in fact concepts of what could be new basketball shoes Reebok may release in the future. Unfortunately they aren’t official product, but it gives us a glimpse into the future of Reebok returning to the basketball footwear market, and what we can expect.

John Wall, an original Reebok endorsed athlete before he was drafted into the NBA, had worn the Zig Slash, Zig Encore, and Zig Escape. All three sneakers used Reebok’s infamous Zig technology, which is extremely similar to adidas’ Feet You Wear technology, for improved flexibility within the shoe. adidas owns Reebok, so that is why both technologies appear very similar.

Take a look at the Zig Prodigal concept for current sneaker free agent, John Wall, below. Keep it locked to the site for more on Reebok’s potential return to the basketball footwear world into 2020.

h/t: Wayne Russell.

UPDATE (10/31/2019): Reebok looks to re-enter the basketball footwear market in the future, with a potential return of their performance Jam models.

h/t: Wayne Russell.

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  1. if it’s the same foam used in reebok floatride energy….that would be awesome,

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