Detailed Images of the Nike Kyrie 6 Surface

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We haven’t been getting much news about the Kyrie 6 lately, whether it be leaked pics of a confirmed price and release date. The drought has ended, an image of the Kyrie 6 in its full glory has surfaced. We can see that this image is spot on with the other leaks we have received.

The midfoot strap on the Kyrie 6 looks like it can work better than the one on the 5. The materials used on this colorway are leather and what looks to be a textile or engineered mesh. The traction used is similar to the one on the Kyrie 5 and has similarities with the Kyrie 1 (teeth on the medial heel portion). No confirmation on the cushioning setup or release date, but as soon as we know we’ll update you all. Stay tuned for more awesome sneaker content dropping.



h/t: ehawker23.



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