Jordan Brand Unveils 2019 NBA All Star Jerseys

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Already less than a month away from All-Star weekend, before you know it, we’ll be watching the playoffs. Aside from looking ahead for the most exciting part of basketball, the All-Star jerseys have finally been unveiled. The NBA and Jordan brand are bringing us some awesome New Jersey’s for this years All-Star game in Charlotte.

There are two jerseys; a white and black one, representing the West and East teams this year. The front of the jerseys have the Hornets logo and have different colored stars going down the side with the white jersey having blue start and the black having red stars. Finally, there’s a tag on the bottom left of the jerseys that reads ‘Engineered to the exact specifications of championship athletes. That’s all for these clean New Jersey’s, can’t wait for the All-Star game. Grab the Team LeBron and Team Giannis uniforms here, and sound off in the comments on which is your favorite.







































h/t: NBA.


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