Nike PG 2 vs PG 1 Comparison: Which One’s Better?

Which is better, the PG 2 or PG 1? Tune in for a detailed look and comparison while the Nike PG 2 goes up against the PG 1 performance wise!

Nick back from, this time bringing you a detailed comparison between the Nike PG 2 vs PG 1. I’m about to put the PG 2 up against the PG 1, and it’s a pretty good comparison for two of Nike’s better performing basketball signature models in recent memory. Lets get into this.



This is an easy, easy choice for me. The Nike PG 1 has an outsole inspired by fishing scales. The PG 2 has a wave herring bone outsole with a very tacky rubber, and is very pliable/soft in comparison to the PG 1. The PG 1’s outsole wasn’t bad, it just didn’t grip as a nice as the PG 2s. I felt like when doing cuts/crossovers on the hardwood, that the PG 2 would grip better and wouldn’t get dust trapped into its grooves as bad as the PG 1 because the grooves are wider, and the rubber is more pliable so the compound had an easier time gripping the floor. Overall, I just felt like the PG 2 gripped multiple different indoor/outdoor surfaces better than the PG 1. Again, the traction on the PG 1 was still pretty good, it just slipped out a bit more than the PG 1 every couple of plays.

⊕  PG 2 Wins the Traction Section ⊕



The Nike PG 2 and PG 1 feature very similar setups in this department. Both shoes have a full length phylon midsole with the same size in length/width forefoot zoom unit. The PG 1 features an eight millimeter forefoot unit, while the PG 2 features a ten millimeter forefoot unit. Both zoom units are the same width and length, but are different in thickness. Even though the Nike PG 2 features a two millimeter increase in the thickness of the forefoot zoom unit, I could actually notice it on foot. I can feel the compression and bounce back of the forefoot unit in the PG 2 much more than the PG 1s. This very well can also be from the fact that the phylon midsole in the 2s feels more lightweight, and a tad bit more soft on foot, which increased the feeling of the actual zoom underneath my foot. I felt like the PG 1’s phylon never really broke in and felt almost too stiff at times. It definitely was a bit clunky on foot and felt heavy as well.

⊕  PG 2 Wins the Cushion Section



The materials on the Nike PG 1 were really good. They’re definitely nothing special, it’s just a pretty good mesh in the forefoot, as well as a neoprene one-piece tongue. But… the Nike PG 2 took the materials from the PG 1 and vastly improved them. In the PG 2 we have a forefoot mesh that almost feels like a knit. It’s more of a knitted mesh than anything. It’s very supportive and feels even more premium then the PG 1 did. Then we have some additional suede overlays around the toe rand and heel portion of the sneaker. The tongue is also a half attached tongue, so the PG 2 is much easier to get on foot then the 1s. I’d have to go PG 2 materials here. They feel even more premium for the $110 price point and feel a bit more lightweight then the 1s, while losing a little bit of support.

⊕  PG 2 Wins the Materials Section ⊕



Surprisingly, the fit isn’t too different in both kicks. The PG 1 had a very tight fit, and almost suffocating feeling from first try on. They fit very narrow and in my opinion don’t fit all foot shapes, such as wider feet. In comparison to the 2s, they are still narrow, but have a wider base at the forefoot to accustom more wider feet, which the PG 1 didn’t do. Both fits are super tight, so I might have to tie this section up. Although, the PG 2 can allow more foot shapes into the sneakers. Sizing wise, I had to go up a half size in the 1s because of the one piece tongue being so hard to get on, and just the overall tight fit. Meanwhile, in the 2s I went true to size and they fit fine. They still fit fine, but after some break in time. they weren’t nearly as tight as the 1s. Both fits in both shoes are very good, but the PG 2 has a wider forefoot base, therefore it can accustom to more foot shapes. So in this manner, I’m going to have to give the PG 2 the spotlight here just because I was also able to go true to size in them without my foot being suffocated.

⊕  PG 2 Wins the Fit Section by a *close call* ⊕



Both kicks are pretty supportive, but one sneaker did this section better than the other actually. The Nike PG 1 has a more restricting mesh upper, while the PG 2 used more of a knitted mesh that was felt more forgiving on foot at times. Both materials are super supportive, but the mesh in the 1s was just more supportive for me on foot. The suede in the back of the shoe, in both sneakers are good. The suede feels more lightweight in the 2s, and not as restricting as the 1s. But, this is going to affect the overall support of the shoe. The 1s have a really thick suede from the heel to the mid-foot and supported my foot. The PG 1 is a tank material wise and was able to contain my foot just a bit more than the PG 2. Lockdown wise, the 1s have a strap that is attached to flywire at the mid-foot. The 2s have two lockdown wings on the medial and lateral side of the shoes. When tightening up the sneakers, both really locked down my foot. Although, I could feel my foot being locked down just a bit more in the 1s then the 2s, because of the mid-foot strap and stiffer materials around the whole shoe.

⊕  PG 1 Wins the Fit Section ⊕

Who Wins?

The PG 2 won, by a good amount. I absolutely loved the PG 1s because they did everything just about right, but not exceedingly well. The PG 1 had a good fit, decent traction, could have had better cushion, and was just a bit too clunky for me on foot at times. The PG 2 took everything the PG 1 had, but it improved it by a little bit, which makes it a really good evolution of Paul George’s signature line. The PG 2 felt more lightweight for me on foot, had better traction, better materials, better cushioning, and a better overall fit, allowing more foot shapes to actually fit into the shoe. Both kicks are $110 and many colorways are currently on sale. You can grab both kicks on sale now below! Which ever pair you choose, you’re probably going to be happy with each model, even though I like the 2s a bit more.

Grab the Nike PG 2 Below!


Grab the Nike PG 1 Below!


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