Nike Kyrie 5 & “WHY NOT?” ZER0.2 Release Information

After lots of speculation, One on One Testers is here to give you release information alongside the Kyrie 5 & "Why Not?" ZER0.2.



UPDATE: The Nike Kyrie 5 has officially released. The Jordan “WHY NOT?” ZER0.2 has leaked and will release after Christmas. Click here to view more details.






We are getting blasted here with information on three highly anticipated performance sneakers. The Air Jordan 33 alongside the Concord 11s are set to release 12/1. I’m surprised about the release date for the 33, since the 32 released 9/23 last year. Besides that, we are also getting the release date on the “Why Not” ZER0.2, set to release in 12/26. This is for sure my most anticipated shoe due to how much I loved the “Why Not?” ZER0.1 and how frequently I still play in them. Jordan Brand really is going to work this year!

Finally, we are getting some basic tech info on the Kyrie 5. It states that it’s using Flywire and Zoom Air, both of which we’ve already seen used in the Kyrie line. Hopefully the Chinese witting could offer more info, but unless someone translates that we’re stuck with this basic info.

We actually wrote up on the Kyrie 5 & Jordan 33 release information earlier than anyone else, all the way back in July if you click here. But, that’s that for that dope reveal for three highly anticipated sneakers. Stay tuned to One on One Testers and The Sneaker Bulletin to stay up to date with all the latest sneaker news.
















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