Nike Kyrie 5 Sample Version Leaked

Some sample versions of the upcoming Kyrie 5 that feature some different design elements.



With the Kyrie 5 officially unveiled and the ‘Black Magic’ colorway set to release November 23, right in time for Black Friday, we just got hit with some sample pics of the Kyrie 5. I love seeing samples and then going back to the actual model in production just to see what kind of changes were made and it really shows us some of the process and hard work that goes into designing a shoe. These sample pics are pretty similar to the production version of the Kyrie 5 releasing soon, however there are some noticeable differences that we will get into.

Let’s get right into what makes these samples different than the Kyrie 5 we’ve been waiting for and want to get our hands on. The first difference that caught my eye was the swoosh placement, on the production version we got a simple straight forward swoosh, while with these samples the swoosh extends onto the midsole, which doesn’t have a speckle pattern like the production version does. These two samples even have differences among their traction pattern and Zoom unit window, the sample with the multi-color outsole has a bigger window on the bottom to showcase the Zoom Turbo unit and the sample with the maroon colorway has a very small window that showcases the unit with design cues similar to that of a spiral. Both of these designs vary vastly from the traction pattern on the general release pair, which feature traction pods that look like eyes.

Other than these differences, the sample versions that are depicted don’t stray too far from the final production version of the Kyrie 5. Small design features were changed and overall the samples could have performed the same as the final, except for that traction pattern. Thanks for tuning in to this sample article of one of our most anticipated performance models.

Kyire 5 sample 1Kyrie 5 Sample 2Kyrie 5 sample 3Kyrie 5 sample 4Kyrie 5 sample 5

Kyrie 5 sample 6

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