Nike Kyrie 4 First Impressions

One on One Testers brings you their First Impressions on Kyrie Irving's fourth signature shoe, the Nike Kyrie 4.

One on One Nation, Nick back at it again to bring you my First Impressions on the Nike Kyrie 4 ‘Venus Flytrap’. Super dope pickup for $67 on Footaction. Kyrie Irving’s fourth signature shoe made a very surprising impression on me, lets get right into it.


Just from a First Impression point of view, I’ll give these guys one word: adequate. After unboxing the Nike Kyrie 4, the cushion felt a tad bit firm in hand. From what I was hearing about the cushlon, it was a vast improvement from the Kyrie 3. Luckily, after trying on the kicks and getting some shots up in them, the cushion definitely broke in, and there’s already some heel compression marks. So far, I’m actually impressed with how it feels on foot. It might just be that the cushlon is encased in a stiffer midsole, to act like the softer foam is in a carrier. Additionally, there is an 11mm zoom air heel unit, and I can’t feel it as of right. Might need some break in time, but I don’t think anyone has really felt the Zoom in any Kyrie model thus far.

nike kyrie 4 deconstructed 2
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I’ll touch on the traction real quick. Phenomenal. Really great traction straight from the gate. We have a ‘zig-zag’ themed outsole pattern, that is essentially a modified herringbone pattern. This stuff was super grippy, even on the outdoor surface I played on today for a little while. Also inspired by the zig-zag theme, there is a zig-zag cutout on the outsole for added flexibility, as well as a smoother transition that has definitely been noticeable on foot. I absolutely am loving the curved outsole so far. It almost feels like it cradles/supports my foot rather than your standard outrigger. So far, so good.

20180730_165245 (1)

The final thing I want to touch on is the overall material build. We literally just have a thick layer of mesh. It feels a little bit bubbly as of right now, but doesn’t feel super stiff or feel like it will require much break-in time. The mesh build isn’t anything super breathable as well, even though there is some air vents into the mesh layer. This is because there’s an additional layer of material underneath the mesh. The mesh is definitely not anything special so far, but I feel like it’s going to get the job done. Fit wise, everything feels good. These fit super true to size, and the overall lockdown felt really secure after some sweat build-up. So far so good.


Well, that just about wraps up my First Impressions on my new Kyrie 4 ‘Venus Flytrap’. So far, these kicks are looking super nice straight out of the gate. I’m thoroughly enjoying these for the price I paid on these for $67 on sale. Stay tuned for a full-on review of the Nike Kyrie 4 in the coming weeks!

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