Nick’s Top Performance Kicks of 2018

Nick brings you his Top Performance Kicks of 2018 of the year thus far!

What’s going on One on One Nation? It’s Nick back at it again bringing you a new article. Noor recently brought you his ‘Top Performance Kicks of 2018’ article, so I decided I should write up my own version of this as well. We both have different picks, so this should be interesting. Like Noor said, the year is only a little over half over so this list could change drastically towards the end of the year when we update it. Lets start it off with these crazy performers…

1. adidas Dame 4 

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 9.07.21 PM

Dame DOLLA’s fourth signature shoe was one helluva performer! I know that a couple colorways had released late into 2017, in October, but since the majority of colorways/releases debuted this year, I am counting the Dame 4s for this year. A performance review was already written up on these guys, so go check it out. Literally everything about these are insane. Adequate traction, good cushioning that feels low to the ground and still has some nice impact protection, good materials, and a super nice compression collar around my ankle. Needless to say, the Dame 4s did nearly everything perfect for myself needing a lightweight performer with sustainable cushioning and good support. Haven’t rocked these too much lately due to the fact that I have a few other pairs I really like to play in! I definitely have to grab another pair of 4s since my Rip City pair is getting worn.

2. Nike PG 2 


The predecessor to the Nike PG 1 took everything that shoe did and did it even better! These things were nuts on and off the court! Nearly perfect performers for me. Good traction, despite not being super durable, adequate cushioning, with a 10mm forefoot zoom unit, as well as a lightweight phylon midsole. The phylon didn’t feel as firm in this model, which is a good thing; it still could’ve been better though. Super premium upper materials. The PG 2s got the job done and even improved the fit massively, in comparison to the 1s in my opinion. This time we got a half attached tongue, therefore it wasn’t as suffocating as the PG 1 felt on foot and improved the fit overall. Really nice kicks, but I’m still waiting on better cushioning from Nike!

3. Crossover Culture Fortune LP

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 9.28.09 PM

The new brand to the game, Crossover Culture. These guys came in shocking the sneaker world with their performance kicks. Luckily, One on One Testers had the pleasurable opportunity to get some of their kicks in. I personally received two of their on court options, the Fortune’s and Sniper’s. For third on my list of my top performers of the year, it’s going to go to the Fortune’s. These are phenomenal. Traction was iffy on some dusty court conditions, as long as the court was super clean, I was fine. Wiping was definitely a big thing I had to do though. Nonetheless, these guys absolutely dominated in every other performance aspect. the LP Foam brought me adequate impact protection, the 3D molded knit upper felt great on foot and never stretched out, as well as the overall fit and lockdown being superb. Not going to go too much into depth on these guys since we already have a performance review up on them, but you’re definitely getting a bang for your buck performer for just $110.


That’s my list everyone! This will probably look different towards the end of the year, so I’m excited to see what shoes I might grab before the end of the year and see how they do against my top performers right now. As always, stay up to date to for reviews, sneaker news, and more.

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