The Nike LeBron 16 x The Harlem Fashion Row

The Nike LeBron 16 has surfaced in its newest colorway, and it's pretty high-end. Take a look at the 'Harlem Fashion Row Organization' colorway.

A new, special, and most likely limited edition of the Nike LeBron 16 has leaked. This colorway is being dubbed the ‘Harlem Fashion Row Organization’ colorway or the HFR colorway.

This colorway represents the Harlem Fashion Row, a platform for designers of color with the goal of creating diversity in fashion. This comes to no surprise, as LeBron is known for off court moves like this. The shoe itself has a premium look, the upper is a nice cream colorway with a modified tongue that accommodates a leather strap that’s topped off by a gold LeBron logo. Another notable design feature is the lion design on the back that differs greatly from the initial LeBron 16 leak.

 It’s no shock that LeBron is vocal and contributes a lot to the African American community, he takes pride in doing things like this. The colorway is a collaboration between two awesome forces that share the common goal of giving the African American community a voice that is to be heard. No official word in terms of a release date, but rumor has it these might be dropping around New York Fashion Week, which would make sense.  Keep killing it on and off the court ‘Bron. Y’all keep tuning in to One on One Testers for more dope content.


All Images via: street8oy.

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